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By March 12, 2020 March 13th, 2020 No Comments
Bryan and his partner had been together just over 2 years when they realized that the honeymoon period had ended, and they would have to start doing some real work on their relationship. He wanted help with improved communication, conflict resolution, and understanding more about their behaviors and triggers. So, he went on the app store and found Relish…

When I first found Relish it looked exactly like what I was looking for. Something to help me track my improvements, find out more about myself and my relationship, and grow as a couple. I feel like Relish has really helped me take responsibility and ownership in my relationship. I love the fact that it keeps me accountable with daily notifications and has new content almost every time I open the app.

Although we’ve been using it for a few months, I noticed a big improvement in just the first couple weeks. The best part for me is that I never feel like there are any accusations or failures. Even if I can’t keep up with the lessons during busy weeks, there’s no sense of judgement. I just work when I can and do my best… and then push myself to do even better. In the first week I got so much insight from our partner dynamics that really laid the foundation for our journey. Once I understood more about Shana, I could see clearly what she needed to feel secure and happy. For both of us, the descriptions just hit the nail on the head. I also have very type-A and control tendencies, so I talked to my coach about how I could get more lessons around that. Those were really a big check for me in my soul about how I expect perfection from me and others and that no one is perfect – and our relationship certainly won’t be.

One huge “Aha” moment came from the lesson about gatekeeping, which was a term I didn’t even know before Relish. It’s just amazing how great of a job Relish does getting you to self-reflect. Because it’s not Shana telling me that I’m gatekeeping or accusing me or whatever, it’s an app, I can be objective. I can’t get mad at my app, right? I realize that it’s just a (somewhat ugly) truth about myself and I accept it and try to work on it. I used to get so stuck in places if I felt like I wasn’t really succeeding or doing my best that it was difficult for me to get over things. But now I’m just like “Yeah I can be doing that better,” and move on.

Everything I’ve gotten so far has inspired me.

I’m not a guy that usually says things like this, but finding Relish when I did was nothing short of divine intervention. I just feel really lucky that I have this tool and that I’m not so proud I can’t take suggestions from an app. Everything I’ve gotten so far has inspired me. Because doing that has really changed my life. It keeps me on the path towards self-awareness, and it has made me a better partner, friend, communicator, lover, and listener. Especially the lover. Shana tells me that all the time!