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Katie and her husband Bradley have been together since high school and have 3 kids together. One of their children was diagnosed with developmental disabilities which, as any study will tell you, puts additional pressure and stress on partnerships. Katie’s emotions often fluctuate and wants Bradley to show her more affection, and in addition to self-help books and therapy, Katie went looking for more support when she found Relish.

The first thing that was attractive to me about it is just that it gives us stuff to talk about besides kids! It’s really fun to have something to connect on but to know that it is also helping us with our relationship and our communication and all these things. It’s like homework, except homework you really want to do. I love every lesson, I never feel like I’m being preached to or talked down to – they’re all really funny and well-written and everything I read about is so relatable.

I noticed a change immediately. It was just a couple of weeks in when it just hit me: we were being so much more supportive of each other, so much more positive, and being a lot more open in terms of our communication. It wasn’t like we had a bad relationship before – we had a great one, but I just recognized that things felt better and lighter, like a weight had been lifted.

I’ve even noticed changes in myself. I’m a better mom because I have all these lessons on mindfulness and emotion regulation and I’m so much more patient and present with them. It’s made the whole house just kind of settle down. Everything feels lighter. We are very honest and open with the kids and we tell them about Relish and about the lessons we’re doing to make our relationship better. My son will even ask things like “What are you learning about this week?” And I’m so proud that we’re setting such a good example for them, by showing them how you keep working on your relationship even 15 years into your marriage. I hope they’ll carry some of that forward and bring that knowledge into their relationships down the road.

I noticed a change immediately. It’s just the little changes that get added up and make every day a lot easier and more enjoyable.

In our past, Bradley and I tried therapy – but it wasn’t a good fit for us. He would constantly be rushing to get to the therapy appointment from work, he’d be all stressed out from work, we’d have to find someone to take care of the kids while we were there, and it was so, so expensive so it just wasn’t a practical option for us anymore. That’s when I started looking for something else.

Although my relationship has benefited and my kids have benefited, I think one aspect of Relish I really appreciate is that it lends itself to a lot of self-study and introspection which is not something I had a lot of time for as a working mom. I notice I’m more honest, I speak up for my needs more, I don’t get frustrated as easily, and I’m less averse to confrontation, all through these little reminders to be more positive, more thoughtful, more mindful, to touch base with myself. It’s just the little changes that get added up and make every day a lot easier and more enjoyable.