Alyssa and her husband had been together for 10 years but for the last 3, things had been “bad,” according to her. Their 3 kids demanded most of their time, they both suffered setbacks in their careers, and they ultimately forgot to prioritize each other. She was in the process of employing every tool she could get her hands on (Talkspace, therapy, etc) when she found Relish…

At first I was a little hesitant to download Relish, I had never heard of the term ‘relationship wellness’ and I didn’t know what to expect, but when I took their questionnaire and found out all this information… I made him download it immediately. Finding out my attachment type was so enlightening because it made me understand so much more about my motivations and what I’m ultimately seeking from him. I loved how it described the ways in which our attachment styles complimented each other and the ways they clashed, and I especially loved seeing our satisfaction as a couple compared to everyone else’s. I mean, we’re on the brink of splitting up, so we know it’s going to be lower than average, but sometimes you trick yourself into thinking that everyone is probably as miserable as you. Well, that’s not true. It actually made me feel motivated to improve our position and gave me a goal to work towards.

The lessons are really comprehensive and have a ton of data and research in them, but the activities or suggestions are really short and easy to do. I find myself just going through with them, even if they make me uncomfortable, because I’m kind of like ‘hey, what do I have left to lose?’ And the small wins of just doing them, or saying thank you, or journaling about our relationship or our issues feels so dang good that I want to keep going.

The app also holds you accountable with these daily reminders, and each week I’m excited about what I get to do next.

As far as the app experience, it’s 100x better than Talkspace. Talkspace just has therapists on call, whereas Relish has certified coaches, personalized lessons, and insight quizzes. They just offer so much more. The app also holds you accountable with these daily reminders, and each week I’m excited about what I get to do next. There’s just a feeling of immediate gratification when I get a lesson about mirroring and then I use it that night with my husband… and we go to bed without fighting. Or, even better, we are kinder to each other the next day. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.