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What is Relish?

Relish is a relationship coaching and wellness app for romantic or intimate relationships. Put differently, in this world of me-time, we are all about us-care. By creating hyper-customized relationship care packages for your individual needs, we help you communicate more effectively with your partner, learning new insights about yourself and your partner in the process. The result? Better communication, deeper connection and more intimacy.

Launched in 2019 by Lesley Eccles, the co-founder of sports betting company FanDuel, Relish has been selected as Apple’s App of the Day three times, has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Glam, Bustle and Fast Company and already has hundreds of thousands of users.

Relish creates unique interactive lessons and activities designed to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer. There is also a proprietary matching system that will match you with the lessons and activities right for you, whether you’re looking to keep things fresh, or have more fundamental issues. Applying 24 different relationship approaches and theories from all the top experts in the field, including attachment theory and love languages, Relish takes the hard work out of working on your relationship.

And for those times that you need a little extra support, you’re assigned your very own Relish coach who will support you on your Relish journey via text message.

How does it work?

Relish is based on the theory of “micro-learning” – behavioral change and habit forming comes from doing little things often. That’s what makes a long term relationship tick – small but meaningful actions each day. And it means that you’re much more likely to stick with these new habits over the long run.

When you download the app, you’ll be given a psychology-based assessment quiz to identify the health of your relationship, any key triggers and the goals that are most important to you right now. We’ll use that information to generate insights about your relationship and your first week’s activity plan.

Each plan you get from Relish is fully customized for you, with relevant lessons, activities, quizzes and ideas to keep your relationship healthy. The more you do, the more customized we can make your plan for you going forward.

Each week you’ll also check in with your coach – a real person, qualified in life and relationship coaching, who will suggest additional lessons for you, make sure your plan is right for you, and keep you motivated. Your coach will reply to the messages you leave him or her in the app via text message directly to your phone within 48 hours.

Who created all the lessons and other content in Relish?

We’ve developed a vast library of exclusive, custom-written lessons designed to generate deep insights and learning about yourself, your partner and your dynamic, all based on key theories and approaches in relationship science.

Our team of in-house researchers and writers all have a background in psychology. Relish lessons have been developed based on scientific theories and approaches which have been tested, and proven to help improve relationships.

Our panel of academic advisors include professors of psychology from institutions such as Stony Brook and Binghamton Universities in New York.

Who is Relish for?

It’s never too early for anyone who’s in a long-term relationship to start Relishing.

This isn’t therapy. You may want to work on improving your communication, you may just feel disconnected and want to feel closer. We have people who are dating and people who have been together for 20+ years. They all just want to feel closer.

What’s the science behind Relish?

Relish brings the cutting edge of relationship science, condenses it down and serves it up to you in bite-sized chunks. No more buying self-help books and leaving them unread on your bedside table!

We have a panel of scientific advisors from various universities across the country who specialize in relationship science and have guided us in developing Relish.

Do I need to get my partner to sign up too?

We do recommend that you both use Relish together. When you subscribe, you get two accounts for the price of one, so your partner can join for free. You’ll see faster results, learn more about each other, and have more fun if you both download it and use it regularly.

Changing how you view your relationship and how you behave in it is incredibly powerful. So, while we definitely recommend it, you don’t need your partner to use Relish for this to work. You can start using it on your own before asking them to join you.

Does my partner have to pay to use Relish as well?

No! When you subscribe to Relish, we include a free account for your partner, so it doesn’t cost anything extra for them to join. Just go to the ‘More’ tab and send them an invite.

I’m already a subscriber, how do I invite my partner?

If you signed up for Relish before October 2019, you may be on an individual subscription. If you’d like to invite your partner to join you on Relish, you can upgrade to a joint subscription.

You’ll get a full pro-rata refund for your existing subscription and get a new subscription that works for you and your partner.

Just go to the ‘More’ tab and invite them to partner up!

I invited my partner but he/she didn’t receive the message

If you’re sure that you entered the number correctly, then it might be that the cell carrier simply hasn’t delivered the message. Your partner should go ahead and download the app from the app store and enter their mobile number - it will recognize them as being your partner once they’ve logged in.

My partner and I are both subscribed as individual Relishers, how do we partner up?

Just go to the ‘More’ tab and invite them to partner up!

If one or both of you are still in your free trial, one of you should cancel your free trial so you’re not both billed. The person who is still in their free trial should then go to the “More” tab and invite their partner to join.

What does my partner see when we connect our accounts?

When you connect your accounts (or “partner up”), the only thing that your partner will automatically see is your attachment type. Apart from that, nothing will be shared with your partner unless you specifically share it with them - and we will always ask for confirmation before anything is shared.

For example, if you share a lesson with your partner, only the lesson will be shared, not anything you’ve journaled. If you want to share what you’ve journalled, you have to press the sharing button on the journal screen to do that – nothing gets shared without your permission.

Can I share a lesson I’ve been given with my partner?

Yes you can. When you’re in the lesson, at the bottom of each page, you’ll see a symbol like an infinity sign - that’s the sign to share it with your partner. It will only share the lesson itself, it won’t share any of the journal entries you might have made as part of the lesson.

Why am I getting different lessons to my partner?

Because you’re a different person, with a different personality and different challenges to your partner. Relish is really customized to you as an individual, taking into account what you’ve told us about your partner and what they’ve told us too. How you act and react in your relationship is different to how your partner acts and reacts. It’s important that you work on yourself at the same time as your relationship.

How much does Relish cost?

Relish costs $99.99 annually for 2 people. Price may vary based on location and local currency.

I’ve already subscribed - why does it think I haven’t?

Apple/Google control all the subscriptions for Relish. Sometimes the connection with the App Store can be interrupted (e.g. if your signal drops) and our system doesn’t hear back from the App Store confirming your subscription. If you suspect this has happened, simply go to the ‘More’ tab in your Relish app and tap “Restore Purchases” - that nudges the app store to tell us if you have a subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry you want to cancel! If there’s anything we did wrong, then please email us on and tell us. Otherwise, tap the ‘More’ tab then tap ‘Your Subscription’. There you'll find step by step instructions on how to cancel Relish.

Does Relish offer refunds?

Our refund process depends on where you purchased your subscription.

iOS Devices: Apple handles all billing for in-app purchases made on iOS devices. Customers who subscribed to Relish through iTunes will need to reach out to Apple directly with any refund requests. They are often able to honor refund requests but it’s completely at their discretion and out of our control. You can contact iTunes Customer Support directly .

Android Devices: For yearly subscription purchases made through the Google Play Store, we are usually able to accommodate refund requests made within 7 days of the end of your free trial. Email us on

Full Terms & Conditions for Relish subscription purchases can be found here.

What if I don’t agree with my Relish quiz results?

All of the assessment quizzes in Relish are grounded in science and recommended by therapists and psychologists to deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner. The lessons you get in Relish are selected based on the answers that you give in your assessment quizzes. If there’s anything in your results that you think is not quite right, then contact us on and we’ll look into it with you.

Why am I not getting any new lessons today?

If for some reason you think you’re not getting new lessons, contact us on and we’ll investigate – there’s an outside chance that one of our extremely clever engineers pressed the wrong button

What if I got an activity that I really don’t like?

Relish is always learning what works and what doesn’t for you through the feedback you leave in the app. The more you tell the system, the more it can tailor your lesson plan to what you need. So, if you don’t like something, then tell us at the end of the lesson, and we promise to be better the next time!

How do I contact my coach?

Every Monday you’ll get a check-in from your coach. It’s a moment for you to reflect on how you feel about your relationship in that moment. Humans are not great at being able to reflect accurately on how much change they’ve seen in our relationships, so don’t overthink it, and just focus on the moment. Taking the time to reflect and think about your relationship is an important step in prioritizing its health.

As part of your weekly check-in, and at the end of each lesson you complete, you’ll have the opportunity to write to your coach about any issues you might be having, overall how you’re feeling, or ask him or her specific questions about the lessons you’ve done or things that are happening right now in your relationship.

Your coach will reply to your message within 48 hours via text message, but usually sooner. Remember, while our coaches are all trained professionals, they’re not acting as therapists when they select lessons for you or respond to you.

Does my partner get the same coach as me?

When your partner joins Relish, they will be assigned the same coach as you. Your coaches will not share anything that you tell them with your partner, it’s completely confidential between you and your coach.

Can I talk to my coach?

Your coach is available for 1-to-1 calls or video calls at an additional fee. Prices start from $75 for a 30 minute phone call. To book an appointment with your coach, please contact

Can I change the time I get my notification?

Of course! Just contact us on and tell us what time you want to get them and we can change it for you.

Can I retake my initial assessment / reset my account?

Of course you can. To retake your initial assessment, just go to the ‘More’ tab and hit ‘Retake Assessment’. When you do this, all of your lessons, your progress and journaling will be wiped, so you can start with a clean slate.

Can I change my name / my partner’s name?

Yes of course. Just email us on and we can change your name or your partner’s name for you. We can even change your name in Connect only (the Relish community) so you can post anonymously.

Can I change my phone number?

Yes of course. Just email us on and let us know your old phone number and your new number.

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