All About us

Life isn’t about money or career or the number of likes we get. Relationships. That’s what really matters. With our partner, our kids, our parents, friends, colleagues.

So much advice available on the subject comes from unsolicited sources, isn't backed up by science, or it's hard to implement in our day to day lives. It comes in the form of (often cheesy) self help books or really inaccessible scientific tomes.

Our mission at Relish is to help you have the best relationships possible. We're doing the hard work to make it easy for you.

We’re based in New York and Edinburgh.


meet the team


Lesley Eccles

With her husband for 23 years, mom of 3, and an experienced entrepreneur, Lesley knows a thing or two about relationships.

Having gone through a rollercoaster 10 years building the sports betting company FanDuel, she came out the other side determined to create a brand that will help bring people closer and genuinely make the world a better place (as corny as that sounds!).


Andy Heywood
Lead Engineer

Previously a Director of Engineering at FanDuel, Andy is recently engaged and soon to be married so is very excited to bring his engineering skills to the relationship space.

He uses Relish regularly, much to his fiancee's delight, and is also father to a fluffy cat called Gary.


Jen Mordue
Senior Product Manager

Previously Senior Product Manager for Growth at FanDuel, Jen also loves bringing Relish alive with her illustrations.

Her fiancé recently proposed after being together for 7 years. She is currently thrilled to *finally* get stuck in to wedding planning.


Caitlin Killoren
Head of Content

With a Psychology degree and over 8 years of copywriting experience, Caitlin funnels her enthusiasm for relationships into her work at Relish.

Caitlin has also been happily married for 5 whole months, so she's basically an expert on the subject.


Senior Engineer

Anders is a full stack engineer keen to try out latest technologies.

Married for over 2 years to whom many would agree is his better half, Anders is younger than he looks here. He's fluent in 3 languages and talks way too much. But we secretly love him.


Senior Engineer

Previously Principal Engineer at FanDuel, Thanyaluk has been with her partner for 15 years and they have a lovely son together.

She's a busy mom and a badass engineer, bringing her passion for always improving and learning to the Relish team.


Senior Engineer

Previously a Senior Engineer at FanDuel, Peter is the office youngster, at 25 - and he's already smarter than the rest of us.

He and his girlfriend have been together for 9 years. He brings a passion for new technologies and keeps us on our toes. 

our advisors

We also have our own faculty - experts the field of relationships giving us their advice and guidance.

Joanne Davilla
Professor Clinical Psychology, Stony Brook University

Matthew Johnson
Chair of Psychology, Binghamton University


Scott Braithwaite
Associate Professor, Psychology, Brigham Young University