Anna and her husband, Enrique, are in a happy relationship and have two great kids. They count themselves lucky among friends who have divorced or had less luck with love. To enlist some insurance, they went about looking for a tool they could use as insurance, or prevention - rather than waiting for their relationship to break down before they started working on it…

I wasn’t looking for couples therapy so when I found out about Relish, I felt like it was the midpoint between two extremes: not working on your relationship and over-working your relationship. Like, yes you’re getting support from an outside source but without that bias of another human being. When we’ve tried therapy in the past, every time we walked out either he felt or I felt like our therapist had sided with the other. And the focus was just on talking, and on communication, and there wasn’t a lot of room for self-improvement or changing behavior without discussing it ad nauseam.

I feel like it’s just the perfect tool for people who don’t think couples therapy is right for them because it’s such an easy to use alternative. It isn’t expensive, it’s super convenient. Everything is really tiny – tiny changes, tiny actions, and it’s all rooted in the same theories that our therapist talked about with us. It’s just having a therapeutic tool in your pocket… all the time.

We love all the actions we get to do and we love how the app let’s us partner up our experiences. One lesson I got was about little acts of kindness and leaving each other notes and when I did it Enrique appreciated it so much more than I was expecting, it kind of caught me off guard. There was another one about being grateful and I had to write down what I was grateful for and I just can’t tell you the last time I asked myself what I was grateful for in my life. It was such a positive experience and that feeling and practice has lasted for us, it’s one of our biggest focuses now. Not only was it a big help for us, but we’ve also implemented it with our kids. They’re just simple little acts you can do that just encourage your partner to be appreciative and then reciprocate and it doesn’t focus on what you didn’t do or forgot to do – it just focuses your attention on positive changes.

Another thing I love about Relish is having the weekly check-in with my coach. I always, always update her on how we’re doing, or just thoughts about our relationship, lessons I’ve liked, areas I want to focus on, etc, and she always responds with great insight and support. A lot of times she’ll assign me certain lessons that help with what I was telling her about, just giving me more depth in a particular area.

We just realized that something doesn’t need to be wrong in order for you to want to work on your relationship.

We just realized that something doesn’t need to be wrong in order for you to want to work on your relationship. It’s okay to be really happy and to ensure that you will keep being happy. We think Relish is just a revolutionary app and it’s just made everything a little smoother. We still know it’s healthy and OK to argue but I just feel like we deal with things with more love and patience now and it’s so productive. Relish is just so full of insights and advice it’s impossible *not* to improve.