Fullstack Software Engineer

Relish was founded in July 2018 by Lesley Eccles, who previously founded FanDuel, (one of Scotland’s largest consumer companies which she grew to over 500 employees and a user base of over 6m customers). Relish closed a seed round of funding at the end of 2018 from Trinity Ventures (a long established Silicon Valley VC firm).

Relish is tranforming the relationship advice space with the first-ever truly personalized relationship training app that makes it easy to build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship.

Relish is currently available in the US & UK. Having achieved App of the Day in the US App Store in August 2019, before it even officially launched, this is your chance to get in at the ground floor with a category defining product that is changing the way people live.

As a member of our talented team you will have responsibility for building our cross-platform ReactNative mobile apps (in JavaScript), along with the supporting back-end API (in Clojure) needed to deliver these.

The skills you are likely to have:

  • You have years of on-the-job software engineering experience.

  • You believe in the advantages of functional programming and would like to write code in a functional style.

  • Experience with React or ReactNative.

  • We don’t expect you to have experience with Clojure but we do expect you to be comfortable learning a new language on the job.

  • Understand what it takes to build production features, supported by analytics and experiments.

  • A willingness to work across the full stack. Whilst our primary focus is on building an amazing app, our whole team also works on the back-end.

  • Empathy for end-users, and understand the value of exceptional user interface design.

And who are you likely to be?

  • Well to start with, you love what you do and you believe in our mission.

  • You care as much about the culture you are helping to create as you do about the product you are helping to build.

  • You constantly seek to learn and improve yourself, the team, and the product.

  • You share your mistakes, learn from them, and support others to do the same.

  • You have a proven ability to thrive in a fast moving, and fast changing environment but know how to maintain a sustainable pace.

  • You have experience with agile delivery and development practices but are not devoted to any particular one.

  • You have shown that you can work in areas outside of your usual areas of expertise

  • You are not intimidated by large challenges where answers are unclear and the approach fluid.

And why would you want to work with us?

Well, beyond working with an extremely experienced team in a high growth market you’ll also get:

  • Professional and personal development – we have a healthy budget for training, conferences, online tutorials etc.  We want to make sure we’re creating a learning culture from the outset for everyone

  • Flexible work hours – we don’t focus on being in the office 9-5, you know when you work best

  • Working on a product which doesn’t only have massive user growth potential, it also has potential for making a huge positive impact on society

  • Full holiday allowance (25 days + bank holidays)

  • Highly competitive salary

  • Pension (5% contribution from the company)

  • Equity

  • The best equipment and software to go about executing your day-to-day work

If you are interested, send an email to recruitment@hellorelish.com  with your cv and a brief introduction.

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