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20 Fall Date Ideas to Cozy Up to This Pumpkin Season

The fall season is all about pumpkin spice and all things nice! As the temperatures cool and chunky sweaters and swoon-worthy boots begin to reappear, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with your partner and cozy up together doing something that is decidedly autumnal.

Whether you are outdoor adventurers or confirmed home bodies (or anything in between) these fall date ideas will definitely have something perfect for you and will help you and your partner get closer as the weather gets colder.

head to the pumpkin patch for a date day

1. Pick A Perfect Pumpkin

At the top of every fall date idea list is always something pumpkin related. After you and your sweetie pick up your pumpkin spice lattes, head to a local farm or pumpkin patch and scope out a great pumpkin. Some farms have cute contests like all the pumpkins you can carry for $10. Make sure to take some cute pumpkin patch selfies!

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2. Decorate Pumpkins

Whether you venture to a pumpkin patch or grab a couple pumpkins from the grocery store display, decorating or carving pumpkins makes for a fun, playful, fall date. Grab some paints or carving knives and let your creative juices flow.

Bonus! If you choose to carve your pumpkins, you can save and clean the seeds for a crunchy snack that goes great with the next fall date idea…

3. Watch A Movie Outdoors

Some towns have outdoor theaters or community outdoor movie nights that make for a great fall date. If you can’t find an outdoor big screen near you, grab your laptop, a cozy blanket, and some popcorn (or those toasted pumpkin seeds) and head to the porch, your backyard, or courtyard and watch your favorite rom-com or (better yet) scary movie under the stars.

5. Explore A Local Market

Tomatoes and corn may dominate the summer markets, but there are plenty of tasty produce options at farmers’ markets through the fall. Many markets also sell meats, eggs, baked goods, and coffee.

Get up on a Saturday morning and head to your local market with your partner. You can plan a meal together and shop for the ingredients or just wander around picking up anything that looks tasty. You may even be able to get a farmers’ market breakfast and eat in the park.

go wine tasting

5. Do A Wine Tasting

If you like wine, tastings can be a fun way to explore new varieties and make some fall memories as a couple. Wineries offer a chance to sample many kinds of wine, learn about the winemaking process, and find out which foods pair best with each bottle.

Find a designated driver, plan to use public transportation, or call a ride share and prepare for a fun fall date. Vineyards often have romantic views and serve food or have food trucks on the premises.

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6. Go Camping or Rent A Rustic Cabin

Grab your tent and sleeping bags or book a cabin rental and head for the great outdoors. Sleeping outdoors, or just closer to the outdoors, can be very romantic. You may be surrounded by great trails and opportunities to hike and explore nature.

Most campsites have fire pits so pack your marshmallows (and maybe a bottle of wine from the vineyard) and prepare for plenty of distraction free time under the stars.

Intentionally making time like this to reconnect with your partner helps build and maintain intimacy in your relationship. If hard to think of ways to connect and deepen your relationship, but don’t sweat it.

7. Stargaze Closer To Home

If camping isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Wait until the sun goes down then grab a blanket and find an open space to lie down and look up at the stars. Hold hands, point out all the constellations you remember from your elementary school astronomy unit, and see where the evening takes you.

8. Go Apple Picking

Nothing is more iconically fall than apple picking. If you live in a good climate for apple orchards you can find one near you or plan a road trip with a diner-breakfast stop along the way.

Pull on your boots and your favorite flannel and get ready to fill a basket with some fresh, tasty apples. Orchards are often found in high elevations and can have great, romantic views. Many apple farms sell seasonal refreshments like warm apple cider and cider donuts.

9. Dare To Explore A Haunted House

Pumpkins and apples don’t have the fall date market cornered, all things spooky are also a key part of the early fall months.

Get your adrenaline pumping by going to a haunted house or haunted hayride. These things can be terrifying so plan to hold on tight to your partner’s hand, arm, or entire body as you dare to be scared.

Haunted venues can range from silly to the stuff of nightmares so do your research and find the fear level that is best for you both.

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bake a pie together

10. Bake A Pie From Scratch

Hitting the kitchen together is a fun and playful date and baking a pie is a great way to use all those apples or pumpkins you have picked or collected from your local farmers market.

If you are a baker, sharing your skills with your partner is a fun way to come together. If you are both baking novices, learning a new skill together can help strengthen your bond (and bring on the giggles). Scour a cookbook or the internet for a good recipe, head to the kitchen and see if things don’t heat up!

11. Plan Your Halloween Costumes

Halloween may just be one day, but the build up lasts for weeks. Get in on the holiday spirit and plan a couples themed costume, like…

  • Ken and Barbie
  • Bacon and eggs
  • - Bob Ross and a happy little tree
  • The Joker and Harley Quinn
  • Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Halloween stores pop up all over the country starting mid-summer so make a date and head out to one and pick up a couple costumes. Or get crafty and make your own. Creating something together builds connection and is fun!

12. Pack A Picnic

Fill a basket with your favorite lunch or dinner treats (get them from a market or make them together), pack a blanket and head out to a park for a romantic picnic. While you and your partner might eat meals together everyday, a change of scenery might inspire new conversations and playfulness.

13. Go To A Brewery

Breweries and cideries are popping up everywhere. If you have one in your area visiting it makes for a great date and you are also supporting a local business! Like at wineries, you can get flights of beer or cider and try lots of different—often seasonal—kinds.

Be sure to make a plan for transportation: either designate a driver or get a cab so you can have a good, worry-free time.

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14. Head To A Local Festival

Corn mazes? Hay rides? Candy apples? Funnel cakes? Petting zoos? Local fall festivals are a great idea for an afternoon or even day long fall themed date. Check out community listings or hit the road for a state fair.

Maybe you’ll win a giant teddy bear for your beau or just have a great time walking around and seeing all the festive sites.

plan a hiking date

15. Take A Hike

This fall date idea combines fresh air, nature, great views, and exercise and it is absolutely free. State and national parks have great hiking options and the right trek for you can be found with an easy internet search.

Be sure to wear good shoes and pack plenty of water and snacks before you hit the trail. Any date that gets your heart pumping is a great one!

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16. Explore a Local Bookstore

There’s something so appealing about scouring bookshelves and finding a great new read to curl up with on a crisp evening. Make a date out of a trip to a local bookstore (or your local library!).

You and your partner can find your favorite books and swap them. Reading a book beloved by your beloved gives you more insight into who they are and what they love.

17. Have A Spa Day At Home

After all those days at the pumpkin patch and hiking up mountains to pick apples may leave you in need of some rest and relaxation.

Hit a local spa or drug store for skincare goodies. Find a smoothing music playlist, give each other pedicures, put on face masks, pop some cucumber slices on your eyes and prepare to bliss out together.

18. Take A Long Leaf-Gazing Drive

The changing leaves is another thing which is undeniably seasonal. If you live in a region where the leaves change color, take a drive out on a country road to really enjoy the view.

Keep an eye out for roadside stands. You may be able to pick up some local fruits, jams, or cider as you meander around the fall foliage.

go on a bike ride together

19. Ride Bikes Together

If you and your partner own bikes, this one is free. If not, there are plenty of places that rent bikes for the day or the week (bonus fall date points if you rent a bicycle built for two!).

This is another great date idea for couples who want to get a little exercise together and take advantage of the cooler weather and changing colors of fall.

20. Have A Game Night

Ditch the Netflix, break out a board game or pick up a pack of cards and have a fun night in. Playing a game together offers a bit of organization to the night, but it also gives couples a chance to talk and laugh and engage in a little friendly competition.

Want to up the ante? Making things a little more interesting? Place fun wagers on your games of Uno and Jenga… winner get a backrub? Loser does the dishes?

Every season has its share of great date ideas but the cooling temperatures and great outdoor views associated with fall make for some very fun and photogenic dates.

Whether you and your partner opt to ride bikes to a cute picnic spot or stay close to home and bake a pie, all of these fall date ideas offer opportunities for playful connection between you and your partner.

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