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How to Improve Your Relationship in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Deciding to pursue relationship counseling is not always an easy decision. Many fear that it signals the beginning of the end, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Making the effort to improve your relationship shows just how committed you are to each other and to getting things back on track.

There are a mind-numbing amount of therapy options out there, most of which require in-person sessions that come with a cringe-worthy price tag. Traditional couples therapy, while effective, can be intimidating for some couples, especially if they are not comfortable with airing issues in front of a virtual stranger.

Thankfully, relationship coaching apps have emerged as a new, convenient way for couples to work on their relationship, and one in particular — Relish — can help with just five minutes a day.

Ready to improve your relationships with 5 minutes a day? Download Relish and get access to lessons, advice, insight quizzes, and more. Your first week is free!

What is Relish?

Relish is an award-winning relationship coaching app that focuses on your specific needs as a couple. Launched in 2019 by Lesley Eccles, the co-founder of sports betting company FanDuel, Relish has been selected as Apple’s App of the Day three times! It has also has been featured in publications such as Good Housekeeping, Glam, Bustle, and Fast Company.

Relish creates unique, interactive lessons and activities designed to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer. You’re not just given lessons and activities at random — you’re matched with the most helpful ones based on your specific needs, whether you just want to keep things fresh or need to work on fundamental issues. Relish takes the science behind relationship counseling and condenses it into daily bite-size chunks that are interactive, effective, and easy to understand.

Most importantly, Relish is not traditional therapy. It’s meant to bring you and your partner closer together, no matter how long you’ve been a couple! Maybe you just want to work on communication, need ways to help you feel more connected, or have had a severe break in trust. Whether you’ve been together for decades or weeks, Relish is for every couple.

No matter how long you’ve been together, the Relish relationship coaching app is here to help you feel closer and more connected. Get started today for free by downloading the app!

How Does Relish Work?

When you download the app, you’ll start with a psychology-based assessment quiz to identify the health of your relationship, any key triggers, and the goals that are most important to you and your relationship. Relish uses that information to generate the most effective activity plan.

Relish is based on the theory of “micro-learning” — meaning, you do little things often to facilitate behavioral change and habit forming. It works wonders in the long term! Small, meaningful actions each day can help you build more positive habits and stick with them. That’s why Relish aims to help improve your relationship with activities and lessons that take just five minutes per day.

The best part? You and your partner both get an account for the price of one! (Of course, your partner joining is totally optional). After you sign up, you can invite your partner to create an account and join. As you complete lessons, activities, quizzes, and more, you have the option to share them with each other. The more you complete, the more your activity plan is tailored to ensure you’re getting the most helpful content needed to reach your goals.

How Much Does Relish Cost?

The standard Relish subscription — excluding private coaching — costs $99.99 for six months for 2 people. Private coaching allows you to communicate with your expert coach via video, phone, or in-app chat and is totally optional.

If you decide to pursue private coaching, the price is $39 per week (billed every 4 weeks) — which is not included in the standard Relish subscription. (Price may vary based on location and local currency.)

How Can Relish Help in Just 5 Minutes a Day?

Excellent question! Each day, you can log into the app and take a look at your agenda for the week. Choose from a lesson, insight quiz, date night idea, or game — all of which takes around five minutes to complete. (Of course, you are welcome to do as many as you’d like!)

These are just some of the areas in which Relish can help:

  • Sex
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Conflict
  • Fun
  • Date Nights
  • Love Languages

Learn more about how learning each other’s love language can improve your relationship with Relish! Download the app and get your first week for free.

Whether you are struggling with major issues in your relationship, or simply want to stay connected, Relish offers advice and tips for any area of improvement — no matter how big or how small.

Using hyper-customized relationship care packages for your individual needs, we can help improve communication and connection with your partner while learning new insights about yourself and each other in the process.

With just five minutes a day, you and your partner will be feeling closer, more intimate, and more connected. And here’s the kicker — you can try it free for the first week to ensure it’s the best fit for you and your partner. So, are you ready to relish the benefits?

Relish is an award-winning relationship coaching app that customizes lesson plans based on your specific needs as a couple. Unlock therapist-approved quizzes, lessons and advice from real, expert relationship coaches. Download Relish today and get your first 7 days free!

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