Is Online Therapy Right for Me? Benefits, Cost and What to Expect.

In an age where you can postmates your favorite Starbucks order to your front door and download apps for just about anything: losing weight, finding your astrological sign, learning new languages, and finding your soulmate - is it at all surprising that the world of therapy has started to shift towards the digital?

There can be no dispute (well, there can be, but all arguments will be pretty much overridden by science) that therapy is helpful, insightful, and productive for people and couples alike. So why isn’t everyone in it? Because there are, in addition to many, many benefits - many obstacles, too.

Cost. Time. Stigma. Insurance. Finding the right therapist. Commuting, taking off work. There is an enormous barrier to entry to even walk into the room and begin receiving therapy (which is where, most everyone who has been to therapy knows, is where the work really begins) so understandably, many people don’t follow through with this life-changing, sometimes life-saving, catharsis.

As therapy joins the ranks of many esteemed practices moving online, the immediate and noticeable change is that the barrier for entry drops dramatically. That being said, the quality doesn’t have to. So the benefits remain, and the obstacles all but disappear.


Online, therapy becomes instantly accessible. Like everything we can access through our phones with the tap of a thumb, opening a therapy app or starting a conversation with a certified therapist can now happen instantly. Making appointments, clearing your schedule, finding parking, and forfeiting hour or 90-minute chunks of valuable time to sessions are now a thing of the past.

With Relish, you’ll get unlimited one-on-one time with a qualified relationship coach, customized lesson plans and more, all on your own time. Try it free for 7 days, click here.


When you consider the cost of a typical session of in-person therapy, your dollar can stretch so much further in the digital world. For apps like Relish, an annual subscription of quality, science-backed, customized content costs the same as a half hour of therapy. 365 days? Or 36.5 minutes? The choice is yours.


Think of military families, or long-distance couples, who are rarely in the same place at the same time but deserve all the same tools as couples who cohabitate. Online therapy makes therapy available to any couple, anywhere, anytime.

Stay connected, even while apart with Relish - the #1 relationship self care app. Download now and discover new ways to stay close with your partner for free. What do you have to lose?


If weekly hour-long sessions don’t fit into your lifestyle, therapy in its traditional form would have been impossible for you. With online or on-demand therapy, you can dictate when, how, and for how long to spend on yourself and your relationship. If 5 minutes every morning while you sip coffee is all you can spare, then that’s perfect! If your schedule is too irregular to warrant consistency, then spend a half hour every few days or few weeks when you can! It’s therapy on your time - not on the therapist’s.

Emotional Safety

People have described traditional therapy as ‘so vulnerable you feel naked - in every sense of the word.’ Well, when you do it online, you get to keep your clothes on. Metaphorically and literally. Although there are many opportunities to feel vulnerable in online therapy - it isn’t mandated. You can decide when to turn vulnerability on and off, when you want to focus on ‘quick wins’ and when you want to go further in deep dives. It’s 100% your call.

Apps like Relish are democratizing therapy. Instead of only being available to people with great insurance, disposable income, and flexible jobs - it’s available to anyone with a smartphone. The cost is low, the quality is high, the customization is revolutionary. And with real people who are certified coaches available whenever you need them, there’s no downside.

Relish has all the benefits of therapy, at a fraction of the cost. In your pocket. At your convenience. Fully customized for you and your relationship. Start your free trial today!

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