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10 Relationship Resolutions to Help You Find Love in the New Year

When the ball drops this New Year’s Eve, it doesn’t just signal a start to the New Year — it also marks the beginning of your new outlook on love! It’s the perfect time to make goals and set some realistic resolutions for yourself and your dating life.

Finding love takes time, but creating a game plan for the New Year helps keep you focused and motivated to keep trying. Relationship resolutions don’t just focus on finding someone else, but rather working on your own personal improvement. After all, you can’t be happy with another person until you’re happy with yourself!

Here are 10 relationship resolutions to help you find love in the New Year:

1. Get Out In The Real World

Maybe you’ve been trying online dating so long that you forgot what it’s like to meet people the old-fashioned way. That’s okay! In the New Year, make it a goal to get out more often. You can join a local interest group or play on a local sports team.

Sometimes, when online dating seems to be a dead end, the best thing you can do is put yourself out there! If joining a group isn’t your thing, commit to more nights out with friends or family. You never know when you might run into someone great.

2. Date Someone Outside Of Your “Type”

Too often, we tend to have a very specific type of partner in mind when looking for love. If you set unrealistic expectations for your next relationship, it will be impossible to find someone.

While you shouldn’t completely lower your standards, it’s helpful to stay open-minded about your next love interest. Stay committed to your core beliefs and values, but when it comes to less important aspects, try to be a little more receptive to something different than your status quo.

3. Date Yourself

That’s right — plan some date nights with yourself! Find out what it is that makes you happy. You need to treat yourself just as well as you would someone else (if not better!). Try new restaurants, check out that karaoke bar you’ve been dying to visit, or spend the day shopping for new clothes.

Make sure you’re scheduling weekly or monthly dates just for yourself. It helps you become more comfortable in your own skin and gives you the confidence you need to explore the dating world.

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4. Leave Exes In The Past

We totally get it. Moving on can be tough! Even if you ended things on horrible terms with an ex, it’s still hard to let it go.

If you truly want to find love in the New Year, you’ll need to completely let go of exes. After all, they don’t deserve another thought! If you ended the relationship, it was for a reason. If you’re looking for a future with someone else, you can’t bring old flames into your relationship. One of your top resolutions should be to leave your exes where they belong — in the past!

5. Live In The Moment

When dating new people, try not to think too far down the road. Relish in the moment! It can be easy to envision your future with someone you just started dating or worry about whether or not things will end.

Instead of thinking about the “what ifs” with your new love interests, try to enjoy what is happening at the moment. You can deal with whatever happens down the road when you need to — and now is not the time.

6. Determine What You Really Want In A Relationship

It’s always helpful to get your thoughts down on paper, so why not give it a try? Write down all of the qualities you want in a partner and what you want your relationship to look like.

Do you prefer a lot of communication (texting, phone calls) when you’re apart? Are you looking for someone who wants to travel as much as you do? You should also think about how you want your partner to make you feel. As the year goes by, you can always update your “must-have” list to reflect your needs.

7. Remember What You Have To Be Thankful For

It’s easy to beat yourself up when your dating life doesn’t pan out the way you hoped. Dating is tough! When you’re feeling down after a few failed dates, make it a point to remember what you have to be thankful for.

There are so many ways to practice gratitude during tough times. Try taking the time to write down just a few things you are grateful for every day (and re-read them when you’re feeling down!). You can repeat positive affirmations to yourself every morning, or keep a journal to write about experiences you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude helps build self-esteem, motivation, and optimism!

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8. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

This is a big one! If you are constantly comparing yourself to other people, you’ll crush your self-worth. Remember, you don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors, and that “perfect” couple probably isn’t as perfect as they appear.

Every person and relationship is different, and it’s not healthy to compare your situation with someone else’s. All it does is make you feel pretty bad, right? This is where all of that gratitude you’ve been practicing comes into play. Instead of feeling envious of what someone else has, remind yourself of all of the amazing things you have.

9. Say Goodbye To Toxic People

This doesn’t just mean exes! If you have toxic people in your life (friends, or even family members), it’s best to cut ties. You can’t truly create the best version of yourself if you allow others to hold you back.

Not only do toxic people cause unnecessary drama in your life, but they also stand in the way of meeting someone great. You should be surrounding yourself with positive people who have your best interests at heart!

10. Work On Yourself For You  — No One Else

At the end of the day, you don’t need anyone else to make you happy. All you need is an appreciation for who you are! You can’t be happy with anyone else unless you’re satisfied with yourself.

Whether you want to start a new hobby, join a gym, or learn to cook, make sure you’re doing it for your own benefit and not to impress anyone else. It’s okay to be a little selfish here — you deserve it!

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The best part? You don’t need to have any “issues” to try Relish! Even happy couples are turning to relationship coaching as a way to maintain a healthy, happy relationship.

Creating relationship resolutions for yourself is a great way to keep yourself grounded, motivated, and ready for love. Remember to focus on your needs and what makes you happy. Only then will you be ready for an exciting new relationship!

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