66 Everyday Ways to Be More Romantic

Take a moment to watch the sunset: They happen every day, but how many do we see? Dinners have to be made, kids have to be put to bed, evenings are often a crazy time. But all it takes is one moment to steal outside and watch the sky.

Send an emoji: Words are wonderful, but emojis are fun. Text a sweet “heart-eyes” or a steamier “kiss-mark” to connect throughout the day.

Spontaneous dance party: A first-thing-in-the-morning dance is stronger, and more effective, than any amount of caffeine. Pick your favorite song and put it on blast, or opt for no music and just slow dance in the kitchen… the dishes can wait.

Messages of love: Voicemails are nearly a relic of the past, but they can be all kinds of romantic. Call your partner and leave a voicemail that simply says: “I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Dream catchers: Take a moment in the morning to ask each other what you dreamed about last night. Studies show that we only have a small window after waking up to remember our dreams!

Play DJ: Make a Spotify playlist with your relationship’s greatest hits and share with your partner.

Starbuck surprise: If you know their Starbucks order (and you should) surprise them with it at work or on your lunch break! Guaranteed to make their day.

Just because: Bring them a ‘just because’ gift: not because it’s your anniversary, their birthday, or any other holiday that tells you you have to do something. Just because you wanted to. An issue of their favorite magazine or their favorite ice cream… it doesn’t have to flashy to be meaningful.

Choreplay: It doesn’t sound sexy, but doing a chore that your partner usually takes care of can be the most romantic gesture in the world. Clean the house or cook dinner without any expectation of reciprocity.

Room for two: If you have a morning routine (and most of us do) it probably involves a lot of tag-teaming, but not a ton of time together. Join them in the shower for a few minutes to connect before you start your days.

Active listening: One of the greatest ways to demonstrate affection is to show your partner you’re really listening. Put away distractions, ask follow-up questions, and summarize what you hear them say.

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BYOBubbles: Draw your partner a bubble bath. Add candles, bath salts, soothing music. Surprise them with this relaxing gesture.

Free massage: Massages are a wonderful treat, but most of us don’t have the budget to get them as often as we like. Take turns giving each other massages for the ultimate win-win.

Screen-free: Make a rule (even if it’s not every night) that phones go in another room before you have dinner. So you and your partner can enjoy the food, good conversation, and each other.

Dress to impress: You’re probably aware of that one outfit that has a particular effect on them. Put it on, just because.

Give back, together: Pick a charity together, one that has significance for you both. Make a one-time or recurring donation, because the benefits of giving back far outweigh the cost involved.

Cuddlemania: Even if your love language isn’t physical touch, everyone loves a good cuddle. Make sure to close the gap between you on the couch and snuggle up.

“You”-based compliment: Give your partner a thoughtful compliment today. But instead of starting with “I,” (ex: “I really like those shoes” or “I think you look great”) start with “You” (“You look stunning today” or “You are so patient”).

Take-out make-out: It’s not rocket science. Bringing home your partner’s favorite takeout equals make-out session. It’s a tried and true formula.

Walk it out: Asking your partner to go for a walk is such a sweet gesture. Right before or right after dinner are optimal times to stroll through your neighborhood, hand in hand.

Special scent: Choose a candle with a scent you both like and burn it only on special occasions or at-home date nights. (Smell is one of our most powerful, emotional senses.)

Stargaze: Going outside or in your backyard with a blanket might not occur to you on a daily basis, but taking a moment to look up at the stars is a great way to spend an evening. Nothing like a little perspective.

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Text “I love you”: Most of us aren’t together for large chunks of the day. But you can make your partner feel loved just the same by shooting them a quick “Thinking of you” or “I love you” text.

Knock knock: Learn a new joke (takes 2 seconds on the internet) and deliver it to your partner. Laughter is one of the most important parts of happy relationships.

6 seconds: Quick pecks on the cheek or lips are great, but experts say a kiss is only “romantic” in nature if it lasts 6 seconds or longer. So plant one on your partner tonight.

By candlelight: Candles bring instant atmosphere to any environment. Whether you light some for dinner on certain intimate nights, set the mood for some everyday romance.

Bucket list: We don’t all have the funds or the time off to travel as much as we want to, but that can’t stop you from dreaming up your next vacation destination! Draft your bucket list with your partner, including all the cities and countries you want to visit one day.

4-Star Hotel: It’s shocking how simple it is to create a hotel atmosphere in your own bedroom or guest room. Lose the clothes and exclusively wear robes. Rent a new movie. Order delivery (AKA room service). Enjoy.

Backyard picnic: A romantic picnic doesn’t have to be fancy. Just grab a few cold drinks, some fresh fruit, and a couple sandwiches for a change of scenery.

Love letter: Write down

Movie marathon: There’s no more romantic way to spend a weekend than doing… nothing. Pick a trilogy or movie sequel you’ve never seen before (LOTR, The Godfather, The Hangovers) and only leave the couch to get more snacks.

Check in: Not all romantic gestures have to be gestures. Sometimes they’re just questions. Asking your partner how they’re feeling, what they’re currently struggling with, what their goals are this week is a great way to show your love.

Open house: Drive to a neighborhood you can’t afford, park, and go for a walk. Analyze each house’s curb appeal and talk about what you like or don’t like and how you’d design your dream home.

Breakfast date: Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do to make breakfast and enjoy it together - in peace.

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Say thank you: Feeling appreciated is all we want from our partners, so make sure yours feels the love. If you see them doing a chore around the house or coming home from work exhausted, thank them for their effort.

Scenic drive: Grab the camera and head out for a scenic drive. Even if it’s only a few miles from your home, try to find an area you’ve never seen before. Stop frequently for landscape photos and selfies.

Pillow fight: Hide behind the bedroom door and attack when your partner’s defenses are down. It’s such a simple, easy way to laugh, play, and blow off some steam.

Remote control: Giving your partner full license to control what TV shows you watch is the modern romantic gesture we all really want.

Be tourists: Even if you’ve lived in your city forever, there will always be things you haven’t experienced. Research one you’ve never done because it’s too touristy or cliche and be tourists for the day!

Flirty florals: Bring home fresh flowers on a weekday, just because. (Wildflowers picked outside your house work too!)

Lookout point: Mix up your daily exercise routine or skip the gym to try a fun hike together. Make sure to snap a picture together at the top!

Show gratitude: Gratitude is a proven way to show each other affection, but it also provides us a mental boost! Tell your partner one thing about them or your relationship you’re grateful for.

Literate Love: Get them a book you think they’d love and put it on their nightstand.

Post-it: Write one thing you love about your partner on a few Post-Its and hide them in various places: their pockets, their car console, on their coffee mug.

Sous chef: Many nights one - or none - of you are responsible for throwing meals together, but that’s a missed opportunity to cook up something special. The kitchen is one of the best ways to connect, talk, and have fun together.

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Romantic ringtone: Set your partner’s ringtone to your first dance song or one that has significance for you.

Surprise date: Spontaneity is always a nice change of pace. So if you’re used to booking reservations in advance, picking out a date night, possibly even getting a new outfit - try mixing it up with a surprise date - no reservations needed.

Favorite food: You know your partner’s favorite meal better than anyone, so why not make it tonight?

Get steamy: Write “I love you” or “Cute butt” or another uplifting message in the steamy mirror after you take a shower.

Coupon clippers: Make a couple homemade coupons: one for a foot massage, one for a no-chore night, one for breakfast in bed, and gift them to your partner.

Etched forever: Carve your initials into a tree on your property. Anytime you look at it, it will be a testament to the enduring nature of your love.

Get outside: Science shows being outdoors 20 minutes a day has incredible benefits to our health, wellness, and longevity. So whether you’re gardening, walking, or just chatting on the patio - get outside!

Get scrappy: Make a homemade (or digital, no judgement) scrapbook of your relationship through the years.

Shaken, not stirred: Make your partner a cocktail right when they get home, James Bond style.

60 seconds: Spend (at least) one full minute doing something kind for your partner every day, even if that’s just listening to them.

Lingerie lounging: We don’t always bust out our sexiest negligees or boxers on weeknights (or, let’s be honest, any night other than Valentine’s Day) but throw your partner a curveball and surprise them tonight.

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Masterclass masters: Enroll for a new class together to enjoy being amateurs, learn something new, and deepen your connection.

Turn-down service: Place a chocolate on your partner’s pillow with an equally sweet note.

Spa day: When your partner gets in the shower, put their towel in the dryer. Greet them with a warm towel right when they get out.

Alarm bells: Turn off their alarm without their knowing, wake up before them, and wake them up with a cup of coffee and a kiss (much preferred to the annoying ring tones!).

Game face: Spending an evening doing something other than watching Netflix is inherently romantic. Bust out a board game and get competitive.

Cheers to you: Make a toast, even if it’s just with your water glass, to your partner this evening at dinner. Just because.

Blindfolded: Limiting one sense heightens the others. Blindfold your partner in the bedroom tonight.

Tropical vacay: Make a regular weekday as exciting as a vacation with a tropical smoothie, some beachy music, and a meal outdoors.

Card courting: Just because you’re not dating anymore doesn’t mean you should stop courting each other. Get a nice card, write a sweet message, and surprise your partner with it, for no reason other than it’s sweet.

Pick-up line: We forget to flirt once we’ve been together a while. Learn a corny pick-up line and use it on your partner tonight… even if it’s just for a good laugh.

Appreciation post: Bragging about our partners in public is a great ego boost and really sweet gesture. Make a random social media appreciation post about them.

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