30 Adventurous, Tech-Free Activities Every Couple Should Try

Being in a relationship rut can jeopardize the connection between you and your partner. After all, effort is the key to sustain a long-lasting romance. Fortunately, that work is not only pleasant but also rewarding. Our current environment has played a huge role in how we interact with one another — our partners included. But, the unknowingness of the world shouldn’t be an excuse for us to slack on our newly-unpredictable love lives.

There is scientific evidence that shows the multiple benefits of a regular date cycle. Howard J. Markman, Ph.D., a psychology professor, and co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies says that the more couples invest in their friendship, the less troubled their bond will be over time. This is because a mundane routine prevents couples from increasing intimacy, vulnerability, and trust.

It’s not too late to boost your relationship. Put your phone down and disconnect from the world. You don’t need to do anything excessive, just something out of the ordinary. With that in mind, here are 30 adventurous date ideas for you and your partner to try.

Have sex

Couples who satisfy one another sexually are known to have more successful relationships. Not to mention, sex is also proven to encourafe better sleep habits, boost self-esteem, prevent illness, and even reduce anxiety.

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Go on a bike ride

Physical activity can increase romantic attraction between you and your partner due to the release of endorphins. So, ride around! Even if it’s just around the neighborhood.

Write each other a love letter

It sounds corny and maybe a little antiquated, but writing your significant other a love letter is a beautifully honest gesture. It is guaranteed to boost their confidence, and it will provide a great deal of affection and affirmation.

Cook dinner together

Cooking a nice dinner or baking some dessert is proven to not only soothe stress, but also encourage self-esteem. This simple act is the perfect way to relax and open up to your partner. Plus, you get to eat a delicious meal at the end.

Design each other bouquets

Find your nearest flower shop and surprise each other with personalized bouquets. It’ll make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Go on a road trip

Traveling doesn’t always have to break the bank! Go on a road trip to the closest city and indulge in the most popular restaurants or attractions. Not only will you form brand new memories in a place you’ve never been to, but you’ll be able to bond on the way there.

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Have a picnic

It can be at the beach, the nearest park, or even your backyard. Planning a picnic with your partner is an affordable way of getting your daily dose of Vitamin D while enabling communication and relieving personal anxieties.

Volunteer together

Committing charitable acts promotes increased levels of oxytocin. Therefore, making it easier for you and your partner to bond. All while helping a good cause.

Go camping

A perfect way for you and your partner to disconnect from the madness of the world and focus on one another is by going camping. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the middle of a forest, your backyard will suffice!

Have a dance party

Dance has been known to reduce pain, anxiety, and even depression. If you and your partner are dealing with a busy work schedule, take thirty minutes out of your day to pop on your favorite album and really shake things out.

Have a DIY wine-tasting

If you want to have a vineyard experience but don’t have the means to go to one, create one at home! Go to your local wine shop or grocery store with your partner and pick as many bottles as you want. Preferably some you haven’t tried. And if you’re particularly craving wine, you can opt for an at-home cake testing instead.

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Go on a nature hike

Did you know that interacting with nature can improve your level of attention? Exploring nature with your partner will allow you to communicate better, by thinking more clearly.

Paint portraits of each other

Painting portraits of each other is a great activity to giggle over. Not to mention, with great concentration, you get to appreciate your partner’s features.

Have a board game tournament

Playing board games is always fun, but add a bit of spice by taking off an article of clothing after every round.

Go on a double date

Call up your friends and go on a double date with them. These types of outings release stress since the conversation is not focused on a specific person in the group. Plus, there’s more food to share!

Celebrate your favorite holiday

It can be Valentine’s Day in September or Halloween in April, the possibilities are endless. Celebrating a holiday at a random time is the perfect way to boost your creativity. Besides, you might be able to dress up as your favorite superhero for dinner.

Spend the night at a hotel

Look for a nearby B&B or hotel and stay there for a night (or two)! You might still be in the same city, but a change of scenery will allow you two to relax and even explore new levels of intimacy.

Make love in every room of the house

This is one of the most rewarding ways to reignite or strengthen the spark in your relationship. It’ll make you two feel like you just met each other all over again.

Have an at-home spa day

Nowadays, we can purchase face masks and bath bombs at the closest pharmacy. Take advantage of this by having a relaxing afternoon with your partner. Perhaps over a glass of wine.

Clean your home

Cleaning isn’t the most romantic activity out there, but it’s proven to dramatically reduce stress. Besides, you can always boost your cleaning session with the help of a little music.

Discuss your steamiest fantasies

Ask your partner if they’ve ever wanted to try something new in the bedroom, or perhaps, tell them about all of your sexual fantasies.

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Give each other a make-over

Choose each other’s outfits and hairstyles for the day. Make them as subtle or as exaggerated as they’re comfortable with. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be into their suggestions.

Try couple’s yoga

A perfect way to establish vulnerability within your relationship is also one that will get your blood pumping. Couples yoga encourages couples to take risks by putting all of their trust in their partner.

Start a book club

A great way to strengthen communication with your partner is by reading the same book. Assign each other some chapters and compare your opinions or theories on them.

Dine out somewhere you usually wouldn’t eat at

Switch things up by going to that restaurant in the neighborhood you two haven’t been to. Chances are, there are a few dishes you might fall in love with.

Check out open-houses in your area

We’ve seen this played out in several movies and sitcoms, so why not try it! Not only is this activity a super fun way to bond, but it might even clear the floor for a conversation about your future as a couple.

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Spend the day at the museum

You’re not allowed to have a conversation at full-volume while at a museum, which can be a turn-off for many. But spending quiet time together shows how comfortable you two are with one another.

Have a karaoke night

Singing is proven to be an overall mood-booster and stress reliever, so why not do it with your partner? Have a night full of duets or make it a competition!

Play a sexy version of your favorite game

Let your imagination roam free by playing a card game or strategy game, such as UNO or Jenga, and adding a steamy twist to it.

Ask each other intimate questions

Have you ever wanted to ask your partner something a little too intimate? Perhaps about their childhood or their relationship with their parents? If you don’t deem it overly intrusive, go for it. These vulnerable moments will allow your relationship to reach a brand new level of intimacy. Just remember to be vulnerable with them.

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