Life, Love and Relationships: 50 Positive Affirmations for Daily Life

In this new age of self care and self love, people are focusing on ways to take control of their happiness and other emotions in their everyday life. Part of this discussion about self care is a lot of talk about the power of positive affirmations and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. Pop culture is full of examples of positive affirmations. Whether it’s the adade from ‘The Help’: “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” or the viral YouTube video of the young girl pumping herself up in the mirror chanting: “I like my school, I like my dad, I like everything! I like my hair, I like my mom” (it goes on and on), then you have probably come across positive affirmations before. Positive affirmations are just positive statements that you can say to yourself to overcome negative self talk or self sabotage. The idea is that a lot of the time we are more critical than kind to ourselves.

We spend a lot of time looking backwards, thinking about what we could have done better in a given situation and we spend a lot of time fretting about the future, fearing that we won’t be good enough or that we will do something wrong. A lot of this negative reflection or worry happens in our sub-conscience and can leave us feeling down about ourselves for no reason at all. It can be easy to get caught up in patterns of negative self talk, consciously or unconsciously, because we are often in the habit of negative thinking. Positive affirmations are a way to combat this tendency. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, before a big presentation, or just whenever you feel that you need a boost can help you feel more confident about yourself. Incorporating positive affirmations into your routine can boost your motivation, improve your relationships and help with issues related to self esteem. It can feel silly to talk yourself up, especially in a society where modesty is often praised. But, hey, everyone needs to gas themselves up from time to time!

Positive affirmations are just about making yourself feel good and confident, and setting positive intentions for yourself, your day and your relationships. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend doing your positive affirmations, as long as you feel more confident after you are finished. If you are going to incorporate positive affirmations in your self care routine, you can either freestyle like the girl in the viral YouTube video, or you can follow a more prescribed list of positivities. Here are some positive affirmations you can use in your daily life to help you overcome insecurity or negativity related to self worth, work, your love life, or your family life.

Affirmations for self-validation

A lot of people tend to seek validation from other people in their lives, and if this doesn’t happen they are disheartened and down. But it’s important to recognize that you can be a source of validation for yourself! If you ever feel like you just need to pump yourself up, consider repeating these positive affirmations about self worth to yourself:

  1. I believe in myself.
  2. I love myself.
  3. I forgive myself for things I have done wrong.
  4. I know that I can move forward and be the best version of myself.
  5. I am worthy of my dreams, and I can make progress towards my dreams.
  6. I am enough.
  7. Today, I will choose to be kind to myself and love myself unconditionally.
  8. No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.
  9. I am on my personal path to success. Success is what I define it to be.
  10. I am true to who I am, no matter who approves or disapproves of me.

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Affirmations for work

If things are not going your way at work, it can be super easy to get down on yourself and let your negative work feelings bleed into other areas of your life. Everyone talks about work life balance, but we all know that if things are not going well at work, it can be hard to balance out these negative emotions in other areas of your life. In order to prevent this from happening, you should focus on repeating positive affirmations to yourself that are related to your work life:

  1. Money can come and go easily and effortlessly
  2. I am more than my monetary success.
  3. I am worthy of achievement, and deserving of what I have accomplished.
  4. I understand that I am more than my work, though I take pride in my work and doing a good job.
  5. I am allowed to make mistakes. My mistakes do not define me.
  6. Difficult times are a part of my journey, I will embrace them as they come and be kind to myself in the process.
  7. I am doing my best, and that is enough. My best is all that I can do.
  8. I can do anything that I set my mind to.
  9. I will ask for help when I need it. Even if I do not want it.
  10. My life and work are full of amazing opportunities that I will be open to and will work toward.

Affirmations for early romance

When you are in the early stages of love, or if you have lower self-esteem, it can be very easy to doubt yourself in your romantic relationships. Romantic relationships often bring feelings of insecurity to the surface as you are exploring vulnerability with a new person. If you recognize that you are feeling this way, or want to prevent yourself from feeling this way in a preventative manner, then you should work through these types of positive affirmations on a day to day basis so that you feel more confident, deserving and at ease in your romantic relationship:

  1. I am worthy of giving and receiving love.
  2. My body is perfect as it is and someone will love it.
  3. I am full of positive and loving energy that I can share with the world and my loved ones.
  4. I am loved, loving and loveable.
  5. I welcome love and romance in my life.
  6. I love who I am and so does/will my partner.
  7. I am worthy of a loving and healthy romantic relationship.
  8. I am in a relationship with someone I respect who also respects me.
  9. I am grateful for the love that exists in my life.
  10. Sharing love comes easily to me.

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Affirmations for family

Familial relationships are some of the most complex and difficult relationships in people’s lives. Whether it’s a tempestuous relationship with a sibling, a contrary relationship with a parent or step parent, a strained relationship with a child, relationships with family members often test the limits of our patience, compassion and, even, love. If you struggle with a relationship to a family member, it can be helpful to recite daily affirmations related to family. These affirmations can inspire you to feel grateful for your family despite their flaws. The affirmations can also guide you towards the road of compassion, especially if that is not always your default:

  1. Though I cannot control others’ reactions, I am in control of how I react to others
  2. We have a healthy, strong and loving relationship that is always improving.
  3. I am grateful for every member of my family.
  4. Everyday I give thanks to my family for the role they play in my life.
  5. I am a source of joy and happiness for my family.
  6. I am committed to maintaining a healthy relationship with my family.
  7. In this family, we build each other up, instead of tearing each other down.
  8. I take family drama in stride and focus on our love for each other instead.
  9. I will only speak loving words to all members of my family.
  10. I am sensitive to my family’s needs.

Affirmations for family members

Friendships should be a source of great joy in your life. Oftentimes, we don’t feel deserving of the friendships that we have in our lives. Or we are friends with people that have this kind of mindset. Whether it’s you or your friend that thinks this way, a platonic friendship can be a great source of positive reinforcement for either your or your friend (or both of you!). Reciting these affirmations to yourself, or sharing them with your friend can add some positivity into your relationships with your friends:

  1. I surround myself with positive people who lift me up.
  2. I am blessed with amazing people in my life. I have cultivated important relationships.
  3. You are enough.
  4. I believe in you and your ability to be a good friend.
  5. Thank you for always being there for me. I promise to always be there for you.
  6. I will always be here to support you, and I know that you will always support me.
  7. You inspire me to do great things.
  8. Thank you for being a part of my life.
  9. I look up to you, and so does everyone else.
  10. You are someone that makes me feel safe. I know that I can do the same for you.

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