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Flower Meanings: Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Partner

While you might think of flowers as a traditionally feminine present, both men and women alike love flowers! Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to weddings to hospital rooms to graves. At their very core, giving flowers to someone shows that you are thinking about them and want to give them something special. And, while all flowers demonstrate love, flowers also have unique symbolic meanings.

The symbolic meanings behind flowers date back centuries and are recognized around the world from China to Egypt to Greece to the Victorian era. Though you may think of different flowers as interchangeable, there are actually specific flowers meant for specific occasions. It’s always important to take into account people’s flower preferences, but it’s also important to consider the meaning behind the flowers you are giving so that the bouquet matches the occasion. In order to do this, it is important to understand what each bloom represents.

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The Top 8 Flowers You Should Give to Your Partner


1. Tulips

Tulips represent rebirth, charity, and perfect or deep love. They are the ideal flower to give to someone you have a deep connection with, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or unconditional. When you are picking tulips out for a partner, it is important to consider what color you are choosing.

Yellow tulips are an indicator of good luck and prosperity, while red tulips mean eternal love. Pink should be given to new lovers, as it means you care and that you’re excited about your new union.


2. Lilacs

The light violet shade on lilacs represents the first pangs of love. Lilacs are an excellent choice for your new love partner, as they’re a symbol of young, blossoming passion. recommends you give lilacs as a congratulation gift, as they’re widely prized. The intense magenta color is more tied with love than light violet, so opt for those instead.

The light violet shade on lilacs represents the first pangs of love. Lilacs are an excellent choice for your new love partner, as they’re a symbol of young, blossoming passion. The Bouqs Co. recommends giving lilacs as a congratulation gift, as they’re widely prized. If you are buying lilacs for a serious romantic partner, consider buying red lilacs, because they symbolize stable love more than violet lilacs that symbolize new love.


3. Red or Pink Roses

When you are thinking of what type of flower to get for your partner, roses are probably the first thing to come to mind. Ever wonder why? Roses are the flower most associated with love! This is due to the delicate nature of the flower as well as the more expensive price tag. Roses come in all shapes and colors, but the traditional red or pink rose has the strongest connection to long-lasting love. Deep red roses stand for everlasting love, while pink is more tied to young love and sometimes familial affection. Though roses are the perfect gift for any occasion, it’s a good idea to give them for special events to make your partner feel treasured and appreciated.

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4. The Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are a unique choice for “love” flowers, but they’re perfect for couples who want to try something different. This genus of lilies is quite large, and the flowers come in many different colors. Lilies that have bright pink petals with white accents symbolize beauty, prosperity, or wealth and are the perfect gift for a romantic partner. If your loved one is about to ask for a promotion or they’re trying to scale their business, offer these as a good luck charm. In addition to being beautiful and unique, these lilies have a strong smell that makes them extra appealing!


5. Camellia

Couples who have stayed together for many years should celebrate their longevity with camellias. A single camellia offered to a loved one is seen as a “thank you” gift in Asia for married couples who still adore one another after a decade together. As romantic relationships wear on, it is important to continually show gratitude for your partner for being themselves and for being by your side. Buy pink or a deep shade of red for your anniversary or special day, or gift a bouquet on your partner's birthday.


6. The Blue Iris

The blue iris has its roots in Greek Myths, as the Greek Goddess Iris was known as the avatar of love. Blue irises were seen as the symbol of faith and hope to the ancient Greeks and are the February birth flower. Overall, the blue iris is the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, special occasion, or holiday. Its elegance and sophisticated appearance make the blue iris a romantic present.


7. Orchids

Although orchids don’t precisely symbolize love, they do need a lot of care and attention to thrive. In a sense, they represent the delicate nature of a relationship and how quickly it can fade without support. Orchids also represent luxury and royalty, luck and hope. Give an orchid to your loved one on their birthday or for a holiday, but be sure to explain how to care for them. When you are giving an orchid, it is important to consider whether or not your partner has the time and interest to care for the flower! Because while the orchid can symbolize luck and hope, a dead orchid can also be a bad omen for the relationship....


8. Carnations

The pom-pom-looking carnation is a symbol of love, distinction, and fascination. However, carnations can have widely different meanings across the world. It is especially important to look up the symbolism behind different colors of carnations because their meanings can be drastically different. For example, the purple carnation is a funeral flower in France, while the red carnation is a May Day symbol in Europe. To avoid confusion, buy a light red carnation for admiration or a dark red carnation for love.

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9. Lavender

Lavender is the flower of devotion and is the perfect present to show that you are committed to your partner. Whether you want to support your partner through a trying time or show them that you care after being together for a long time, gifting a bouquet of lavender will communicate solidarity, support and love. In addition to all of these sentiments, lavender also has aromatherapy qualities and can help your partner destress and unwind.


10. Daffodil

Daffodils are symbols of new beginnings. They are the perfect flower to gift to a partner who is going through a major life change, whether it’s a new job, a new home or an addition to the family. It’s important to commemorate new beginnings in a relationship to show that you support your partner through change. Giving your partner a daffodil during a time of transition will help them feel supported and loved even if they are uncertain in this uncharted territory.


11. Peony

Like roses, peonies are another flower that is often associated with romance and love, and they are commonly seen in wedding bouquets. Symbolically, peonies are associated with romance and marriage, which is why they are often featured in wedding ceremonies. Peonies can also symbolize bashfulness, which can be an emotion associated with romance. Though they are often at wedding ceremonies, it is totally appropriate to gift peonies in a more casual way when you want to express romance and love to a partner.

Peonies are an example of a flower whose meaning has changed over time. In the Victorian era, peonies were used to symbolize anger, but over time they have come to represent more romantic sentiments and are the perfect flower to give to a serious romantic partner.


12. Purple Hyacinth

If you ever feel like you need to apologize to your partner, consider giving them a bouquet of purple hyacinth. The hyacinth flower is named for Hyacinthus, Apollo’s lover that he accidentally killed. According to the myth, after killing Hyacinthus, Apollo grew hyacinth flowers from his lover’s blood. The flower represents remorse and apology. While the myth is rather morbid, the flower communicates that you are sorry and are seeking forgiveness - which is the important thing!


13. Yarrow

Yarrow is a white wildflower that grows in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Yarrow is a dainty flower that symbolizes love. Gifting your partner yarrow is a lovely sentiment because it shows that demonstrating love to your partner does not have to be expensive. Yes, roses and peonies are beautiful, but the beauty comes at a price that is not affordable to everyone or for normal occasions. Yarrow grow in the wild and are abundant if you are looking in the right places. They are the perfect “just because” type of flower to show your partner that you love them.


14. Violet

Violets represent loyalty, devotion and faithfulness. They are the perfect flower to give to a long term romantic partner or even a new partner that you have strong feelings for.


15. Hydrangea

Hydrangea are another beautiful flower that you can give to a partner. They are often given on fourth wedding anniversaries because they symbolize appreciation and love. Hydrangeas are also often available to buy potted, so if you’re looking for a larger gift, one of these to plant in the garden can be a perfect and thoughtful addition.

Bonus Tip: Flower Colors

In addition to paying attention to the type of flower you are choosing, it’s also important to pay attention to the color. Different colors of the same flower can have totally different meanings! A red chrysanthemum for example can communicate romantic love for a person, while a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes a slighted love and a white chrysanthemum symbolizes the truth.

Chrysanthemums are the perfect example of how the color of a flower can completely change the symbolism of the flower. Understanding the meaning behind common flowers will help you pick out the perfect flower for the event and can also help you choose a bouquet if you don’t know your partner’s favorite flower. It can also save you from the awkward situation of handing your partner a beautiful bouquet only to find that you’ve said “I resent you” in flower symbology. Like we said before, flowers are one of the best ways to say “I love you,”, learn about the meanings behind these popular flowers that that you can pick the perfect flower to give to your partner.

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