How To Stay Connected (Without Touching)

As the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak escalates, the social response is one of confusion and alarm. Understandably, we're scared to leave our house, to travel, and to go to work. That means a lot more time at home, and under pressure-cooker circumstances. These events leave us with spiked anxiety and (more than a little) on edge.

How can we get through this stressful situation as gracefully as possible? By being there for each other. Keeping communication lines open, talking through the concerns (especially if one of you is more fearful than the other), and taking it all in stride. So, although experts advise that we don't touch each other (that's one Love Language out) we still have 4 more with which to show each other affection.

Although one love language is out we still have 4 more with which to show each other affection.

Express yourself with Acts of Service

Show your partner how much you love them with thoughtful actions:

  • Keep the house really clean with bleach wipes and anti-bacterial spray to ensure both of your safety when at home
  • Wash your sheets, their laundry, and towels
  • Make your partner nutritioun-dense meals to keep your immune system healthy

Support your partner with Words of Affirmation

Connect with your words instead of your body language:

  • "I love you"
  • "You're my person"
  • "I'm happy to be going through this with you"

Stay connected with Quality Time

The best way to combat stress is to stay positive:

  • Go for a neighborhood walk
  • Watch a documentary together or start a new show
  • Play some music and have a living room dance party

Be creative and thoughtful with Gifts

Sure, you might not be able to go to the mall right now, but you can still create thoughtful DIY gifts:

  • Make a slideshow of your last year together (iPhoto does this in like 20 seconds!)
  • Organize their closet
  • Create a Spotify playlist of their favorite hits

Don't let these restrictions and disrupt your connection with your partner. Even without physical touch, there are still so many ways we can stay connected. Stay strong, !

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