10 Signs You and Your Partner Are Kindred Spirits

Have you ever met someone for the first time and thought to yourself: ‘Wow, we are totally on the same page about just about everything.’ It can be kind of eerie to learn that you share almost the exact same point of view as another person even if you have had completely different life experiences. If you have ever felt this feeling, then you may have come across your kindred spirit. Kindred spirits are people who share common interests, values and worldviews. They are like-minded individuals who often have an instant bond and feel as if they are on the same frequencies. People who are kindred spirits also feel as if they have similar souls or as if they may have ‘known each other in a past life.’ A lot of the time, we find kindred spirits in the forms of friends, which shows that the idea of kindred spirits isn’t necessarily about romantic love. But oftentimes, we do find a kindred spirit in a romantic partner. When you find a kindred spirit in a romantic partner, it’s a truly special experience because you have so much in common, and are still romantically attracted to one another (kind of like the opposite of the old adage, opposites attract...). Most people will know the moment that they have met their kindred spirit, but for others it may take some time to discover.

Here are ten signs that you and your partner are kindred spirits:

You have a lot in common

Like we mentioned, kindred spirits tend to have a lot in common. Being kindred spirits is more than just liking the same movies or having the same favorite snacks, kindred spirits have a lot in common on a deep, emotional level. Partners that are kindred spirits often share the same point of view on ethical, religious and philosophical questions. Sometimes it feels like we have a lot in common with people who have lived similar life experiences, but that is not the case with kindred spirits. Kindred spirits often have a deep connection and shared understanding about things even if their lives have been completely different. If you feel as if you and your partner have a lot in common, like an unusual amount of things in common, then you may be kindred spirits.

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You had an instant connection

When most couples are getting to know each other, they go through an excitable phase characterized by butterflies and general nervousness. While this is a totally normal phenomenon, it does not happen for people that are kindred spirits. Couples that are kindred spirits immediately have a close connection to one another and don’t go through the usual nervousness that other people do. This tends to happen because you do have so much in common, naturally. If you and your partner seemed to just immediately ‘click’ upon meeting each other, then this is a sign that you are kindred spirits.

Effortless conversation

The instant connection you feel to someone that is a kindred spirit will lead to effortless conversation right off the bat. And this effortless conversation will reveal how much you really do have in common with one another. Conversation often flows easily at the beginning of a relationship as you are getting to know one another and have what seems like a million questions to ask. With kindred spirits, this easy flowing conversation continues even as you grow closer and closer.

They bring peace and calm into your life

The instant connection that characterizes the beginning of the relationship for people with kindred spirits eventually evolves into an overall calmness in your life. When you have found a kindred spirit in a partner, you don’t feel pressure to prove yourself to them or defend your decisions or actions. To a certain extent, this is because you know that they are probably on the same page as you, but it is also because you feel genuinely calm and at ease when you are around them. Even if you do have a disagreement or don’t see eye to eye on something (which is bound to happen of course), you are able to approach the situation with a general ease.

They support you

Kindred spirits are able to support one another through thick and thin. As we mentioned, even if you are on the same page about most things, and even if you do share the same philosophy, you are not going to agree about every little thing. A kindred spirit is someone that will support you even if you do not agree on something. Kindred spirits trust each other's judgement and are respectful of their partner’s decisions even if they don’t totally see eye to eye.

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You can tell how they’re thinking and feeling

Couples that are kindred spirits are often able to communicate without words. Being kindred spirits is about having an intuition about another person because you feel as if you know them as well as you know yourself. If you are kindred spirits with your partner, you can tell how they are thinking and feeling without having to ask because you know them so well. Of course, it is still important to ask your partner how they are doing so that they feel free to express themselves in the relationship (and so that you can confirm you are reading them right).

They make you a better person

If you feel as if your partner helps make you the best version of yourself, then this is a sign that you are kindred spirits. Kindred spirits not only deeply know and understand each other, but they are also able to see their partners full potential, and can motivate them to reach that potential.

Relationship is drama free

When you are in a relationship with your kindred spirit, things just feel right. You will have fights, as every couple does, but the fights don’t escalate more than necessary. The relationship is drama free because you both have a deep understanding of the other person, and because you recognize how special it is to be so in-tune with another person.

They accept you for who you are

Everyone has flaws. A kindred spirit deeply knows and understands your whole person, which means that they recognize your flaws and choose to accept you anyways. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s easy to accept a partner when you are looking at them through rose colored glasses and it feels like they can do no wrong. It’s an entirely different thing to know someone and know all of their flaws and still choose to accept them and love them. If you and your partner are able to accept each other for who you both really are, then this is a sign that you are kindred spirits.

You miss them when they’re away

When you find a kindred spirit in a partner, it may feel as if you have found your other half. People who feel like way often have a hard time being apart from their partner and really miss them when they are away because their partner makes them feel at ease and as if they are their best selves. If you and your partner prefer to be together than apart, then this is another sign that you are kindred spirits.

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