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10 Cozy Cuddling Positions (And What Your Favorite Says About You)

Cuddling is one of the simplest pleasures of being in a relationship. In addition to being cozy and fun, researchers have found many documented benefits to cuddling:

  • Helps to gently initiate sex between partners
  • Enables connection and emotional aftercare following intimacy
  • Releases “happy hormones” (oxytocin and dopamine) and creates feelings of joy and reduction of stress
  • Cuddlers report greater levels of relationship intimacy

There are many different cuddle positions and which one you prefer can reveal a lot about your relationship. If you aren’t a current cuddler, exploring the list below might inspire you to snuggle more and enjoy all the physical and emotional benefits cuddling has to offer.

1. Face to face

  • You and your partner face each other
  • Some body parts are touching
  • Pillow may be shared

This is an incredibly intimate cuddling position and reflects a deep emotional connection between partners. Whether your eyes are opened or closed, the proximity of your faces shows a willingness to be vulnerable and a sense of security in your partner and in your relationship.

2. Spoon

  • You and your partner face in the same direction
  • One of you is the “little spoon” (the passive snuggler) and one is the “big spoon” (the active snuggler)
  • Pillow may be shared or heads may reach away from one another

This is an iconic cuddling position. Couples who spoon generally feel a lot of safety and satisfaction in their relationship. The little spoon may report a sense of security and the big spoon may feel protective.

3. Honeymoon hug

  • You and your partners lie face to face
  • Your bodies are fully entwined
  • The more contact the better!

It’s called the honeymoon hug for a reason, if you are cuddling with your partner in this position you are definitely gah gah for each other. Couples who cuddle in this way want to be as physically close as possible at all hours of the night. Like its name suggests, this cuddle position is often popular in the beginning of a relationship, but intimacy doesn’t need to drop off as the years add up.

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4. Half spoon

  • A more opened alternative to the classic spoon cuddle
  • Your partner lies on their back with an outstretched arm
  • You curls in a spoon position towards them
  • They wrap their outstretched arm around you and drawing you in close
  • You can rest your head on their chest or use your own pillow
  • (You can also swap positions)

This full-spoon alternative is a more open and airy position, preventing you and your partner from overheating or sweating a small puddle in the sheets. If this is your favorite cuddling position, you crave and receive a sense of stability and security in your relationship. If you are the partner lying on your back you feel a sense of protection for your partner, but respect for their ability to care for themselves.

5. Cheek to cheek

  • You and your partner face away from one another
  • You touch your backsides (and maybe lower backs) together
  • Often partners legs are bent, but feet may also touch or entangle

The cheek to cheek is like the face to face in reverse. Turning away from your partner does not mean you are rejecting intimacy. This cuddling position reflects a desire to touch and stay close, but also shows respect for one another’s body autonomy. If you sleep in this way, you honor your own sleep needs and those of your partner. You want to be close while maintaining good sleep hygiene.

6. Leg hug

  • Each partner finds their most comfortable position independent of the other
  • Then you touch or hook your legs together
  • Perfect for partners who want to be close but have different sleeping styles

Like the cheek to check, this cuddle position reflects both a desire to touch and a respect for sleep. Let’s face it, some of us are diehard stomach-sleepers or exclusive back-sleepers. If either is the case for you or your partner (or both of you) many of the cuddle positions are off the table. And it’s not because you don’t want to be close, you just can’t sleep comfortably that way.

The leg hug reflects a sense of respect for your own body’s needs, the needs of your partner, and a commitment to maintaining touch and intimacy in your relationship. Download Relish to and continue on the next step of your relationship and self-love journey. Get full access to our expert relationship coaches, therapist approved quizzes, and more free for one week.

7. Holding hands

  • You and your partner get comfortable in whatever position is best for you
  • Once cozy, reach out and hold each other’s hands

Like the leg hug and the cheek to cheek, this cuddle position respects the individual comfort of each partner, while still valuing touch. Holding hands signifies support and partnership. It is an action that is both intimate and innocent. If this position feels right for you and your partner, you likely feel a lot of security and trust in your relationship.

8. Lap pillow

  • Your partner is seated or reclined
  • You rest your head in their lap (or you swap roles)
  • This cozy cuddle position is generally not for sleeping —though it might be nice for a nap
  • Perfect for binge watching a favorite show, reading together, or listening to music

Since this cuddle position is generally used for outside of the bedroom, or at least outside of the bedtime hours, you may identify with this style and another one. If you and your partner are finding multiple opportunities throughout the day to cuddle, you are very close and loving.

This position reflects a sense of ease and security and a feeling of playfulness. It is also a great position to slide into when you want to chat about feelings or take one of Relish’s expert approved relationship quizzes. Click here to sign up for your free trial, snuggle with your partner, and grow your relationship.

9. Chest rest

  • One partner lies on their back
  • Other partner rests their head on the first partner’s chest
  • Partner on the bottom can cradle the one on the top in their arms

If you are the partner resting your head, this cuddle position offers you feelings of comfort and nurturing. If you’re on the bottom, the weight of your partner on your chest is grounding and soothing, like a weighted blanket. This is a position that creates feelings of trust and well-being.

10. Ying/yang

  • You and your partner face each other, but there’s a twist
  • Your heads are at opposite ends of the bed
  • You rest your heads on one another’s knees

This cuddle position is more egalitarian since both partners are giving and receiving the same support and comfort. If this pose speaks to you, you and your partner value balance, fairness, and equality. You’re also a little spicy.

Some call this position “68” because it’s just one step away from getting very intimate. It gives both partners a chance to touch and caress parts of each other’s bodies that they might neglect in other situations.

Cuddling is a way to reconnect physically and can lead to greater emotional and sexual intimacy, but it’s not the only way! Download Relish to learn more ways to connect with your partner and keep your relationship strong.

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