Making A Case For Gut Instincts

You know when people tell you just to "go with your gut?" They say that because your gut actually knows what it's talking about. Neuroscientist Linda Rinaman says there’s a sprawling two-way nerve network carrying messages between the brain and the gut. The gut actually sends information to the brain prompting us to evaluate situations or avoid them altogether.

Outside noise (friend’s opinions, mom’s advice, Instagram posts, even romcom plots) can muddle our ability to make decisions. Learning to silence everything else and listen to your gut can help you avoid unhealthy relationships or validate a healthy one.

Your gut actually knows what it's talking about.

Tuning into your inner compass means learning to trust your senses as much as you trust your mind.

1. Your Emotions: Pay attention to the way you feel when you are with your partner. Feelings can reveal truths about your relationship, especially if there are patterns (i.e. you always feel X when you see them).

2. your partner’s Reliability: Notice when your partner comes through for you (or if they doesn’t). It’s understandable to cancel plans or run late from time to time, but everyone needs a partner they can rely on.

3. Your Experience: Observe how you feel physically when you’re with your partner. Like, in your gut. Tuning into our physical responses to situations and can give you greater insight into your relationship with your partner.

4. Your Insecurity: Pay attention to any wobbly feelings of anxiety around your relationship with your partner, it could be a sign of deep relationship trouble or an opportunity to be vulnerable and grow.

So what does this mean for your relationship? It means getting some perspective by giving yourself the space to think about your relationship from a distance. It means silencing societal pressures, expectations, or your partner's opinions so you can think more about what you want and need. It means clearing your thoughts so you can get in touch with your instincts.

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