30 Unique, Thoughtful Gifts for Your Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship is difficult. Especially when you are unable to express love in the same ways you can when you and your partner live in the same place. Depending on your love language, AKA how you prefer to give and receive love, you might be at a loss for how to show your partner that you love them and are thinking about them. If you are in a long distance relationship, you should try and embrace the love language of giving and receiving gifts. Because you can’t show your partner love through physical touch, or in-person quality time, get creative with your expression of love by sending them unique and thoughtful gifts.

Here are some ideas for simple, romantic and elaborate presents that you can send your long distance partner to show your love:

1. Curate a playlist

Show your partner you care by taking the time to make them a playlist. Making them a playlist of all their favorite songs, or showing them new artists you just know they will love shows that you really know your partner.

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2. Start a book club

If your love language is spending quality time together, suggest starting a book club with your partner. Let your partner select the book, then schedule book club dates to discuss your favorite parts.

3. Start a Netflix show together

If you and your partner aren’t much into reading, start a tv club. ‘Gift’ your partner the privilege of choosing the show and watch it together.

4. Photo album

Everyone loves looking at old photos. If you want to show your partner that you care, make them a photo album of your greatest hits as a couple. The photo album can be a simple electronic one (either through iCloud, Amazon photos, Facebook, etc.), or you can print out photos to make a scrapbook if that is more your style. The medium doesn’t matter as long as you are able to show off the good times you have had in the past.

5. Digital photo frame

Another fun photo idea is to buy your partner a digital photo frame. The frame allows you to send photos to the frame whenever you want, so that you can show your partner what you are up to in real time.

6. Send a note via snail mail

Snail mail is SO underrated. There is almost nothing more romantic than receiving a letter in the mail, especially if it’s coming as a surprise. In addition to being thoughtful and romantic, you can support the USPS!

7. Framed photo

While photo albums and digital photo frames are great, there’s also something special about a traditional framed photo. Pick your favorite couple pic and put it in a pretty frame that your partner can keep on a bedside table or desk to remind them of you.

8. Countdown calendar

If you have a reunion trip on the books, it’s always a fun idea to create a countdown so that you can look forward to when you will be together again.

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9. Send voice memos

Voice memos are a super cute way to check in with your partner. Voice memos are more personal than a text message and more permanent than a phone call. Who doesn’t love relistening to old voicemails? This is the same concept!

10. Touch bracelets

Touch bracelets are fitbit-looking bracelets that you and your partner can wear that buzz when one of you presses the button. These bracelets buzz to let you know your partner is thinking about you, which can serve a cute little reminder throughout the day.

11. Touch lamps

Along the same lines as a touch bracelet, a touch lamp lights up when your partner touches their lamp. This is a great and subtle way to show your partner that you are thinking about them.

12. Doordash their favorite meal

If you know that your partner has a busy night or they’re super stressed out, send them their favorite meal and take the chore of making dinner off of their to do list.

13. Send them a bottle of wine

Depending on where your partner lives, you can use a delivery service to send them a bottle of wine or their favorite snack. This will show them that they are on your mind and will serve as a pick-me-up on a bad day.

14. “Open this letter when”

If you are anticipating being apart from your partner for a long time, you can make them a bunch of letters to open when they are feeling a certain way or something has happened. Address the letter with when to open it (ex: “Open this letter when you miss me,” or “Open this letter when you are feeling down”).

15. Plan a virtual date night

Even if you don’t live in the same city, you can still have a virtual date night. Gift your partner a Friday night where you can Netflix and Chill or cook an elaborate meal over Facetime.

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16. Surprise them with a visit

If your partner loves surprises, there is nothing more exciting than surprising them with a visit. After doing some sleuthing to make sure that they are mostly free, plan a trip to go see them!

17. Buy them tickets to visit you

If you would rather have your partner come to you, buy them tickets to visit you on your turf. First make sure that the dates work out, then book their ticket! This shows your partner that you want to spend time with them, which will make them feel special.

18. Airbnb gift card

Maybe your partner is more of a planner, and the surprise visit just wouldn’t go over so well... If that’s the case, buy them an Airbnb gift card so that they can plan a trip to their liking.

19. Plan a romantic trip

While it’s fun to let one person handle all the planning, it’s also fun to plan a romantic trip together. Gift them the idea of a romantic trip, then work through all the details as a couple. People say half the fun of vacation is the planning stages and all the time you spend looking forward to the trip.

20. Send them a round of drinks

If your partner is having a fun night on the town, hit the venmo and send them money for a round of drinks on you. This is a simple gesture that can make their night even more fun.

21. Send them coffee money

Sending your partner $5 for coffee in the morning is a cute way to show them that they are on your mind and that you want to treat them. This is an especially nice gift the morning after sending them that extra round of drinks...

22. Buy matching jewelry

If you and your partner like bling, consider buying matching jewelry that you can wear to remind yourself of your partner and vice versa.

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23. Get matching undies

Have you seen those adorable ads on Instagram these days? Matching undies are all the rage. Get yourself a pair of matching undies as a couple as a silly gift.

24. Husband pillow

Regardless of your partner’s sexual identity or orientation, everyone loves husband pillows. These pillows offer snuggles when your partner can’t be there to give them in person.

25. Send them a scavenger hunt

If you are feeling elaborate and like the plan, you can gift your partner a scavenger hunt to take them around the city. This gift might involve some help from friends in your boo’s city, but they will definitely appreciate the time and effort that went into planning this present.

26. Stay active together

Even if you and your partner live across the country from one another, or on different continents, you can still stay active together. Invest in FitBits or Apple Watches and add each other so that you can compare workouts and keep each other active.

27. Gift them a spa treatment

In addition to staying active, it’s important to splurge on relaxing self care whenever possible. Gift your partner a mani/pedi, facial or massage so that they can unwind after a stressful week or a particularly hard workout.

28. Continue to learn together

Masterclasses are a great gift for couples that are looking for creative ways to spend time together while they are long distance. Choose a Masterclass that you are both interested in, and tune into together. Learning is always fun, especially when you can learn with your partner.

29. Food subscription box

If you and your partner both love to cook, consider giving them a food subscription box like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. You can both choose your meals and cook together as if you were under one roof.

30. Relish

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