4 Sexy Games You Can Play In The Bedroom

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much we read about intimacy, how many articles and podcasts and studies tell us that sex is essential for healthy relationships, or how attracted we still are to our partners... our sex lives just need a little boost. They get a little stale, they get de-prioritized, we find things we love more than sex (like sleep), and one day it dawns on us: We don't need more research, we need more ideas.

This may not surprise you at all, but novelty and excitement are some of the key elements of passion and arousal. The good news about this is that we don’t need to be pushing the limits and having Eyes Wide Shut parties every weekend - or busting out the whips and handcuffs every time you’re intimate (unless you want to, that is). In fact, it is possible to introduce novelty and excitement into your bedroom with some basic behavioural changes - the key to this is curiosity. Exploring your sexuality and eroticism with a partner is a wonderful way to bring you both closer and show vulnerability - as well as smooth over any disconnection or day to day annoyances.

So here we go: easy, simple, and sexy games you two can play to bring a little freaky back between the sheet-y. Trust us, these might push you a bit outside your comfort zone, but you'll be too busy having electrifying, toe-curling sex to notice!

1. Guess This Item


Blindfold your partner. (You know it'll be good if it starts with a blindfold!) Grab a few random objects from around the house: a feather, a belt, an ice cube, a piece of rope... anything you can find - it doesn't have to be inherently sexy. While they're laying down, trace this item lightly over their skin, the longer it takes them to guess, the further south you trace... it's a game where there are no losers.

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2. Truth or Dare - Minus The Truth


Sure, we're aware we could have just said "Dare" and saved the time of calling it "Truth or Dare minus the truth" but where's the drama in that? If you've ever gone to middleschool, you know the drill. Go back and forth daring each other to do increasingly high-stakes things - hopefully they're a little on the sexy side - and agree on a ruthless punishment if either of you passes. Examples include:

  • I dare you to wear handcuffs for an hour
  • I dare you to fake an orgasm (a convincing one)
  • I dare you to lick whipped cream off [insert body part here]
  • I dare you to remove my underwear - with no hands

Remember, the key here is risk and novelty - and this game does switch up the power dynamic somewhat. It might be useful beforehand to discuss where each of your limits are - after all, the aim is for this to be a safe and relaxing environment for both of you to explore your deepest desires.

3. Aural Sex


Find an erotic story (it can be an excerpt from a book you like or something you found online) and read it to your partner. It sounds simple but this plays to your senses: your auditory senses. Plus, there's the whole delayed gratification thing. Research has shown that - for many people - reading or listening to erotic fiction is actually more arousing than watching porn. There is something about using our imagination to conjure up a scenario that makes it even more powerful - and it is much easier to imagine ourselves in these situations than if we are watching it unfold on the screen.

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4. Spin The Bottle - With A Twist


This isn't your average spin the bottle game (because, spoiler alert - there's no one else in the room but you and your partner). Cut one piece of paper into 4 squares, then do the same for them. Write down 4 sexy things you'd like the other person to do for you, or to you. Spread out the 8 slips of paper in a circle, and take turns spinning. You might not make it through all 8, in fact you might get a bit distracted after the first few, but you can always come back to it. Enjoy!

Whether you have all afternoon to create a "sexy deck of cards" or literally 15 seconds to throw on a robe and create a role play character... games breathe new life into your boudoir behavior. All you need to do is get creative, get silly, and get ready to enjoy each other.

5. Role Play

There is a good reason why role playing is so popular in the bedroom. When we take on the role of another person or character, we are giving ourselves permission to throw off our own identities for the moment, and become someone else - leaving behind our baggage or hangups about sex and intimacy. You may want to discuss with your partner a character that you find compelling, and invest some time in thinking about how you’ll bring them to life. Then create a sexy scenario that seems plausible in that character’s life, and role play to your heart’s content. The more in-character you both are the better, so this one might involve some time spent getting costumes organised and setting the scene - think Game of Thrones-style chalices, ripped bodices and fur rugs.

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