The Best in Couples Apps: Relationship Quizzes, Coaching and More

For the last few years, nothing has posed a more serious threat to relationships than the (duh-duh-duh) cellphone. It has caused countless interpersonal arguments, a sharp decrease in eye contact, and constant interruptions in good conversation. But guess what? You can use your phone powers for good instead of evil. To bring you closer, not push you apart. Enter: the best couple’s apps. Link up with your partner digitally to stay connected even when you’re apart and use the collective wisdom of technology to enjoy a real closeness and connection.

Here they are, the best and brightest, our absolute favorite apps for couples. Some are just insanely convenient, some are productive, and some are downright life-changing. Download today!

Best Couple’s Finance App

Managing finances as a couple can often be one of the most stressful and awkward parts of your relationship. No one wants to police their partner’s spending, or interrogate them about bill payments. Honeydue is a finance app created specifically for couples to manage their balances, bills, and budget as a team. In the app, you and your partner create seperate accounts, but can share cards and activities with one another. Partners have individual accounts, which encourages personal accountability and can reduce your financial stress as a couple. The in-app messaging system will allow you to work out financials in the app, and not at the dinner table. In addition to helping you save as a couple, Honeydue can help you budget for fun things like date nights, or your next couple’s vacay!

Best App for Date Night Ideas

Ever have a hard time deciding what to do for date night? Don’t let indecisiveness or a lack of creativity get in the way of special quality time with your partner! The last thing you need is a last minute fight about what to do.... Instead, download the DateNight app to help find the perfect activity. The app interface allows you to filter by category (like dining out, arts & crafts, or outdoor activities) your city and even the weather, to find the perfect activity for your special night (or whenever, really) out! Other app users can vote on the listed activities and leave comments, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourselves into.

Get creative at-home date night ideas and more with a free 7-day trial of our award-winning relationship coaching app. Click here.

Best App for Couples with Kids

If you or your partner have kids together, or co-parent kids from past relationships, you know that it can be very difficult to find engaging, kid-friendly activities, and even more difficult to find reliable childcare. Winnie is an app that can help families find fun activities to do all together. Winnie can also help locate daycare centers and babysitters in the area so that you and your partner can enjoy some time away from the kiddos. Winnie was founded by two working moms who have cultivated a trusted community to provide recommendations and resources, allowing you and your partner some time together, completely guilt-free!

Best Calendar App for Couples

It’s overwhelming enough trying to manage your own schedule, much less keep track of your partner’s schedule on top of it! Raft is a scheduling app that allows you to share your calendar with your partner and close friends. The app allows you to see, like, and comment on your partner’s schedule, so you’re in the loop on all of their activities. It also allows you to count down the number of days until something that you’re looking forward to, adding to the anticipation of a big trip, evening out, or special event. By sharing your calendars with one another, you can make sure that obligations don’t slip through the cracks (“Wait, I thought YOU were picking them up from the airport...”), and it can also allow you to identify time for date night or even a vacation.

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Best Organizer App for Couples

Merge is a task manager app that allows couples to list and divide up things like housework and chores. The app allows you to create and assign tasks, set reminders, create status updates (for those times you totally plan on getting back to the dishes!), and leave comments on your partner’s progress. Using Merge can help ensure that chores are equitably divided up. And it can prevent chores from being forgotten. How often are you supposed to change out water filters anyways? Try making chores more fun by creating rewards for yourself after you check off your respective tasks on the app. Maybe even check out DateNight, to plan your fun Saturday night after finishing the weekend chores!

Best Astrology App for Couples

For those of you into astrology, you know how important it is to understand how you and your partner stack up in terms of compatibility. Co-star is a super-personalized astrology app that provides daily horoscopes and daily compatibility readings based on your complete star chart (moon, rising AND sun signs). This app breaks down your daily horoscope in a digestible manner so that you can understand how you are feeling in terms of self, routine, spirituality, thinking & creativity, sex & love and social life. It also lets you check out how your partner is feeling on those fronts as well! The daily compatibility readings can help you and your partner be more intune with your star charts and each other.

Best Relationship Coaching App for Couples

If you and your partner want to invest in your relationship, there’s no app more effective than Relish. Whether your relationship needs a tune-up or a complete overhaul, Relish is equipped with the expert advice to meet you where you are.

Sign up for your 7-day free trial and answer some questions about your relationship so Relish can personalize your journey. Each week, receive a customized plan that consists of science-backed lessons, activities, quizzes, and date night ideas. Learn about your love language, your attachment style, and your partner’s as well!

Go deeper to understand where your weaknesses lie, what your strengths are, and what to focus on going forward. Touch base weekly with your Relish Coach (a trained and certified professional) and reach out to them whenever you need them. Partner up on the app to share journaling activities, lessons, quizzes, and more - and most importantly of all, set goals for yourself and watch your progress as you work towards your happiest, healthiest relationship ever. Get Started.

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