The Best in Couples Fitness, Relationship and Health Apps

  • Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club app is an app that helps you track and achieve your fitness goals. The app provides guided workouts created by world class trainers, so that you can stay active with new, fun, fitness content. The workouts, which range from weightlifting sets to cardio to yoga, are totally free of charge. The workouts are created with all exercise levels in mind and can be adapted for people that don’t have a ton of exercise equipment on-hand, at home. Nike+ is a great resource for couples that are really getting hit hard by gym closures during this pandemic. The “Training Club” brings gyms level workouts to your home, or local park, or wherever it is you workout these days, so that you and your partner can stay on top of your fitness, together! Nike+ Training Club is a part of a bigger suite of Nike+ apps that are also great to check out. In addition to great workouts, these apps can give you exclusives to Nike store deals with performance product recommendations and other personalized shopping help.

  • MapMyRun

For all my runners out there, MapMyRun is THE app for you. This app allows you to track the mileage, duration and calories burned during your runs, then allows you to compare the stats each week, so that you can track your progress and dedication. The app is also great, because it shows you popular running routes in your area. In order to sign up for the app, you select the city you live in (sorry people, not every town has access to this app :/), and find popular running routes, with the ability to filter routes by mileage, ascent, and specific location. This can help when you get bored of running the same routes all the time. There is also a community feature that can allow you to view other people’s runs (think of a Facebook feed, but with only running activity), and even challenge people to a running competition! The community feature is a great way to engage with your partner, so that you can reach your running/fitness goals together.

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  • Strava

Like MapMyRun, Strava is a fitness app that allows you to track the mileage of your exercise. Strava allows you to track and analyze your run and bike mileage so that you can track your distance, pace and improvement. The app also has a cool social media function that allows you to share your miles with friends. For competitive people, this can give you the extra edge you need when heading into a long ride or run! There is also a “Compete” function, that shows record times/speeds for different parts of different courses reported by other Strava users, so that even if you don’t have any other runner or bikers in your circle, you can have a little competition. This app is a great way to maintain your fitness, and can be a fun way to introduce some competition into your relationship!

  • Charity Miles

Are you the type of person that needs a little extra motivation to get your running shoes on and get out the door? If so, CharityMiles might be the app for you. Charity Miles lets you turn the mileage you get while out walking, running, hiking, biking into dollars for one of the 40 charities partnered with the app. The partnered charities address a variety of different social causes, such as health, children, animals, the environment, education and veterans, so you will be able to find a charity that aligns with the cause you care about most. You can also change up what charity you donate to as often as you want. Charity Miles also partners with different businesses and arranges so that a portion of the business’s advertising budget goes towards a sponsorship pool for all the charities. This app can serve as a great exercise motivator for both you and your partner. Earn miles for charity by doing your mileage together, so that you’re maintaining your physical health and giving back at the same time!

  • LifeSum

While exercise is a super important part of physical health, so is healthy eating! And healthy eating can often be really hard to get on top of if you don’t know much about nutrition, or if you are strapped for time (afterall, healthy meal prep can take a while...). If you’re feeling overwhelmed, but are committed to eating better, Lifesum is the app for you. Lifesum helps you reach your wellness and weight goals by creating a customized, simplified meal plan for you that takes into account your eating preferences and habits. The app is unique because it also provides recipes, so that you can follow the meal plan more easily. I mean we all want to eat better, right?, but sometimes finding tasty, healthy recipes can be tricky! The app also lets you track your eating and water intake on a daily basis, so that you can track your consumption and avoid mindless eating. This app can be great for couples, especially couples that live together, because it can help you set healthy habits. Afterall, no one wants to eat a healthy salad, while the other scarfs down a cheeseburger. Committing to healthy eating as a couple is the first step, the second step should be Lifesum. Get on the same page about healthy eating by exploring the Lifesum app together.

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  • MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a great app that allows you to track your fitness goals and your calorie intake at the same time. The exercise tracker allows you to keep tabs on your exercise (both cardio and weight training) routine over the span of weeks, months and even years. With the calorie tracker, you can set goals to gain, maintain or lose weight in a healthy way by tracking your macronutrient levels. Doing this ensures that you are meeting the protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin needs of your body, while moving towards your goal weight. MyFitnessPal uses a barcode scanner that makes your food consumption easy to track, and gets rid of the guesswork often associated with calorie counting. How many calories are in an apple anyways? This app is also great, because it has a social feature that allows you to follow how your friends (and perhaps, significant other) are doing in terms of their fitness goals. This app is a great one-stop-shop that keeps track of your diet and physical activity, so that you and your partner can track all your fitness goals in one place, together!

  • Apple Health

Even if you don’t have a fancy Apple watch, you and your partner can still use Apple Health to help you track your fitness and health goals. The health app consolidates health data from your phone (like step count and headphone audio leves), with data from different apps (like period trackers, calories counters and fitness apps) in a convenient interface, so that you can keep track of all your various fitness activities. If you do have an Apple watch, the Apple Health app can also track things like heart rate and activity level to give you a more well-rounded picture of your daily activity. The app can also sync up with mindfulness and meditation apps (more on that below), providing one of the most holistic overviews of your physical and mental health. Both you and your partner can use this app separately to track your fitness goals, and you can compare your progress by following them on the health app or through your Apple watch. You can even challenge them to fitness competitions if you are that type of couple!

  • Mindbody

Another excellent app that facilitates fitness and wellness is called Mindbody. Mindbody provides virtual workouts for disciplines like yoga, barre, pilates, circuit training and HIIT by connecting you to workout studies across the globe. The app compiles the most exhaustive list of workout classes from studios you know and love, and makes them accessible from your phone for home workouts. It also serves as a scheduling app, keeping track of your fitness memberships and beauty appointments so that you are always on top of your health appointments. The app also provides lists of recommended beauty and wellness centers in your area, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. This app puts people in touch with paid services, which can tend to be a bit on the pricey side, but are definitely worth it if you can spare the cash. Using this app can help you stay on top of both your physical and emotional health, which is necessary in any relationship.

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  • Headspace

Maintaining your physical health is such an important part of any health regime, but you should also be sure to maintain your mental health in order to achieve more holistic personal health. A great way to maintain your mental health is through mindfulness activities. Headspace is a mindfulness app that incorporates mindfulness activities into your everyday life, aiming to reduce stress, improve movement and increase sleep through science-based approaches. The app includes guided meditations for sleeping, waking up, reducing stress and anxiety, and meditation for exercise like running, walking in addition to mindful eating and cooking. You and your partner can explore different mindfulness activities on your own, then come together and discuss your new favorite techniques. It’s also possible to follow the guided practices together, as a mindfulness activity you can both participate in.

  • The Mindfulness App

Another great meditation app is the Mindfulness app. Meditation is a fantastic practice to adopt to improve your overall mindfulness. Meditation can help ground you in your everyday life, and make you a more present person, which will benefit both your personal life and your relationship. Many people are intimidated by the idea of meditation, and often associate it with hard core yogis or loud chanting or whatever. But mindfulness meditation can be easy for any person to pick up. The Mindfulness app is super approachable and has things for beginners and more practiced meditators. The offerings include an introductory meditation course, guided meditations, reminders and statistics to help you stay on top of your practice and a library full of longer meditations. You can use the app by yourself, or you can encourage your partner to sit through some of the guided lessons with you. Either way, adding meditation into your daily routine can help with your overall mindedness, mental health, personal life and relationship life.

  • BetterHelp

In addition to mindfulness apps, there are apps that are specifically focused on improving your mental health. Wellness apps like BetterHelp can put you into contact with counselors that can help you address problems like depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, grief and a myriad of other things through virtual counseling. By filling out a questionnaire, you are matched with a trained counselor that you can message at any time to help you work out things that are on your mind. While an app cannot address all of your mental health needs, it can be a start to improving your general wellness when paired with other measures such as physical exercise and other wellness activities. Using BetterHelp, or similar counseling apps can help you get a handle on your mental health, which will undoubtedly improve the health of your relationship.

  • Relish

It’s so important to take care of your physical and mental health during all phases of life, including when you’re in a relationship. While you’re in a relationship, it is also important to stay on top of your relationship health. The health of your relationship depends on your communication, conflict resolution and check-ins and can require a lot of emotional intelligence to navigate. Addressing your relationship health can be difficult to tackle head on, which is why apps like Relish exist. Relish is the #1 relationship training app on the market, that can help you and your partner manage your relationship health as a team. The app provides one-on-one personalized coaching, tips and tricks, success stories and an action plan to help you maintain and upkeep your relationship health.

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