Modern Love: The Latest in Love Apps and Quizzes

Let’s face it, the rise of technology has completely changed everything about modern life. We can summon just about any product or purchase with the tap of a button, we can speak to each other across time zones, continents, even language barriers. When people joke there’s an app for that - chances are, there is literally an app for it. Especially when it comes to relationship compatibility.

In a sea of regular apps, a select few rise to the surface. These aren’t just helpful apps, they’re indispensable to healthy couples.

Happy Couple**

The app does just what the name promises! If you and your partner want to keep your relationship healthy, stay entertained, and even learn new things about each other, then this app is definitely worth a download. With games, scorekeeping, and daily tips, it’s basically Candy Crush-level addicting, and bonus: it’s great for your love life too.

Love Nudge

Ever heard of the 5 love languages? Yeah… now there’s an app for that. This app nudges you and your partner in the right direction, AKA each other’s love languages. Did you know most of us ‘communicate’ to our partners in our own love languages - not theirs? Those days are over with this new tool.


Relish is a one-stop-shop for all your relationship needs. Want to find out your love language? Got it. Your attachment style? Yep. Customized relationship advice based on this information? You betcha. Not to mention that even after finding out alllllll of that about your partner, you still get weekly quizzes (about topics like sex drive, communication, conflict style, avoidance, and more!) to increase your connection, reveal new things about you both to each other, and make your relationship the healthiest it’s ever been.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Download Relish and try our interactive quizzes and games free for 7 days. Install now.

Now, before apps, there was a little thing called the Internet, that housed limitless information at your fingertips. And you know they have more than a few couples quizzes! Here are a few of our favorites…

72 Questions All Couples Should Be Able To Answer

We’re jumping right in, because this is not for two people on their third or fourth date! Sure, it starts off with a couple of softballs (eye color, favorite food) but then it dives in… deep. Do you know your partner’s future goals? How they like to spend money? How they feel about their high school experience? How they like to receive affection? (Those above apps should help you there!) Well… you will at the end of this!

What Type Of Couple Are You?

When it comes to your dynamic, what ‘type’ of couple are you and your partner? Do you argue well? Or do things get… volatile? Do you push each other’s buttons or root each other on? This quiz is short and sweet - but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the insights.

Couples Compatibility Quiz

Whether you are at the starting line of your relationship or halfway through the race - finding out how compatible you are with each other is never a bad idea. This quiz provides different scenarios of the future, of lifestyle, of home purchases, and more… and asks you and your partner to choose which one you like the most. It’s insightful, important, and incredibly helpful - because compatibility is one of those things that matters more the longer a relationship lasts.

An online relationship quiz will only tell you so much... for real insight into your love life, download Relish and get started on your relationship self-help journey. Start your free trial today.

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