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10 Couple Retreat Ideas to Relax and Recharge Your Relationship

Do you feel as if you and your partner are in a rut? Do you feel like your relationship is the last thing on your priority list? Or do you just feel as if you and your partner REALLY deserve a vacation? If any of these scenarios ring true, it might be time for you and your partner to go on a couples retreat!

There are many different types of couples retreat ideas ranging from romantic to adventurous to healing that you can look into depending on the type of retreat you are looking for. While a retreat is first and foremost about spending time with your partner and rekindling that “spark” in your relationship, know that couples retreats can also be challenging (in a good way!), so you should be ready to put in some effort and be vulnerable and open to the possibilities of growing stronger as a couple while on a retreat together.

Not every couple has the same idea about retreats, so here are a few retreat ideas that you and your partner can look into to regroup and strengthen your relationship:

relaxing retreats for couples

Relaxing Retreats

When some couples think of retreats, they envision luxurious spas, messages and beautiful views. If you and your partner are that kind of couple, here are some romantic and relaxing retreat ideas to look into.


If you and your partner feel overworked in everyday life or as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day, consider going on a resort retreat to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Resorts are an excellent retreat option because when you’re at a resort, you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. Cleaning up after yourself (and others...)? Taken care of. Preparing meals? Taken care of! Planning activities? Also, taken care of! Resorts are one of the best ways to truly relax because you don’t have to do or worry about a thing except for your own enjoyment. Going to a resort retreat can allow you and your partner to spend time together with no interruptions or obligations. Ahhh, bliss.

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Sometimes a good old-fashioned spa day/spa few days/spa week is just what your relationship needs to get back on its feet. It can be difficult to be the best version of yourself and be the best possible partner if you are feeling worn down. When life gets hectic, it can be difficult to prioritize yourself especially when pets/children/jobs/social lives are all demanding. Spa retreats are the perfect way to ensure that you are taking time to yourself. Spa retreats provide relaxation and pampering that can allow you to reset and show up for yourself and your relationship with newfound energy and commitment.

Second honeymoon

After the honeymoon phase of your relationship, it is natural for the frequency of intimacy to decline in your relationship, but it’s important that it doesn’t completely go away. If you and your partner are lacking intimacy, consider planning a second honeymoon. Whether you revisit the place you went on your first honeymoon or choose to explore a new location, going on a trip that is solely dedicated to rekindling your intimacy will help you feel more connected to your partner. Reestablishing intimacy in a relationship can be difficult, especially if you are out of practice. Going on a trip like this can help you reconnect and maintain intimacy even after the trip is over.

adventurous retreats for couples

Adventurous Retreats

While most people aren’t able to turn down a massage from time to time, you and your partner might be looking for more activities to do during your couples retreat. If that is the case, consider some of these more adventurous couples retreat ideas:


If you and your partner are not resort/spa people, don’t make yourselves be! Instead, look into couples retreat options that are more your speed. Pick a place in the world and look into camping there as a type of couples retreat. There is something to be said about the healing and rejuvenating powers of being out in nature. Completely unplugging from the modern world and going on a camping trip (though unglamourous) is actually one of the more romantic things that you and your partner can do together. Camping, hiking, cooking out over a fire are all great ways to reconnect with your partner in ways that aren’t possible in everyday life.

Road trip

Road trips are another great way to reconnect with your partner. Just pick a spot on a map and start planning your itinerary. Planning the road trip can be half of the fun and it can give you and your partner something to look forward to and work on collaboratively. Once you are on the road, you will have endless hours to just be yourselves. In the chaos of everyday life, it is very possible to be completely out of practice just chatting with your partner. The open road is a great place to reacquaint yourselves, talk about your relationship and rekindle your connection.

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Fitness retreat

Whether you and your partner are looking to kick start a fitness routine in your relationship or whether fitness is already a priority for you, a couples fitness retreat is a great way to commit to your health while commiting to your relationship. Establishing a good fitness routine will help your endorphin levels which can help your physical and mental health which can help improve your mood, attitude and even your relationship. Challenging yourselves physically will prove what you are made of and can inspire you to make some difficult but necessary changes to improve your relationship.

healing retreats for couples

Healing Retreats

Another genre of couples retreat is healing retreats dedicated to helping you recenter yourselves and reconnect to one another. Here are some healing retreat options that you and your partner can explore:


If you and your partner are looking to cut out alcohol, substances or even just unhealthy foods, you can look into a couples detox retreat. Detox retreats are not only for people that struggle with addiction, but they can also be for people who would just like a cleanse. There are many different types of detox retreats that focus on different kinds of detoxes whether it’s from substances or unhealthy foods. Going to a detox retreat can help you cleanse and start on a healthier path as a couple. It can be super difficult to rid yourselves of viceses (especially if you use them as coping tools or for comfort), but committing to a detox will prove that you can do it with the help of your partner.


Yoga retreats are a great option for couples that are looking to develop or maintain healthy habits through yoga and meditation. Yoga retreats are great for people with any amount of yoga experience who are looking to improve (or start) their practice. Yoga retreats can help you and your partner unplug from the stress of everyday life, improve your physical and mental health and become more in touch with one another. Yoga focuses on the mind-body connection which can help put you more in touch with your own feelings (and your partner with theirs), which can allow you to be more present and available partners to one another. Yoga retreats are not classically thought of as a couples retreat option, but can really help couples feel more grounded and more in tune with one another. Plus, developing a yoga practice at a retreat might inspire you to continue yoga as a couple moving forward. This shared interest can also improve your relationship and maintain your connection over time.


While there is some degree of meditation work in most yoga retreats, there are also retreats dedicated entirely to the art of meditation. Meditation is a great tool to have when you are feeling stressed, uncentered or just overwhelmed. Going to a meditation retreat with your partner is a great way to learn about ways to cope with stress and learn about becoming more in tune with your body. Again, you may not necessarily think of a meditation retreat when you think about couples retreats, but the skills learned at a meditation retreat can improve your individuals lives and your relationship. These retreats can be very challenging for people that do not have experience sitting with themselves, their thoughts and their feelings, but learning to do these things can make you more self aware and at ease with yourself which translates into being a better partner.


If you and your partner are feeling disconnected from one another or feel as if you need a space to really work through the issues in your relationship, then you should consider going on a couples therapy retreat. Therapy retreats offer informational group sessions, one-on-one therapy, couples therapy and team building activities that can help you and your partner work through your hangups and become closer to one another. Therapy can be emotionally draining and intense, but at the end of the retreat you and your partner will have the skills to work through your future problems and maintain your relationship.

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