The Best Couples Games for the Ultimate Date Night

Game nights are a great way to change up your date night routine. With the new technologies these days, game night can mean board games and card games, or it can mean video games and online games. All forms of games are a fun way to introduce some lighthearted competition into your relationship. Win, lose or draw, you will learn more about your partner during a game night than during any other activity.

Board Games

For many people, certain board games are super nostalgic and reminiscent of childhood. There are so many board games out there that it’s likely that you and your partner had different household favorites as you were growing up. Playing board games as a date night activity can be a super fun way to learn about each other’s favorite games, which will totally give you a leg up when you inevitably have a game night with their family. Who knows, you might even discover an old classic you’ve never played before and completely love.

In addition to your childhood favorites, you can try out new board games as a couple and decide on a favorite together. New games are coming out all the time and it can be a fun way to try new things with your partner. Most games can work as two-player games, but if not, you can turn board game night into a group activity with other couples and friends. Have everyone bring their favorite game (for whatever reason most people happen to have a couple board games laying around somewhere...) and spend a night trying out new games and finding a favorite.

There are even some couple-specific board games on the market that challenge duos to different competitions or quizzes. Some light-hearted healthy competition can be good for any relationship or friendship, as long as you keep the trash talking to a minimum... There are also some couple-specific board games that are more appropriate for just you and your partner. Games like Fog of Love, for example, explore intimacy in a way that will teach you a lot about your partner and your relationship in general.

Card Games

Card games are another great way to spend date night. Card games are by far the most diverse type of game out there. You can play games like Gin Rummy, ERS, Go Fish or even poker with a classic deck of cards as well as games like UNO and Apples to Apples that require a special deck. In the same vein as board games, we all have different card games we grew up playing with our families. Having a couple’s game night can introduce you to new card games you’ve never learned before. Card games are fun, because they are pretty low commitment in terms of time. One game tends not to last too long, which means that you can play a bunch of rounds, or change up the game you’re playing every so often. Classic card games can be reminiscent of childhood, and are a fun and easy way to add some friendly competition to your date night. While these classic games are so fun, you can also turn to more PG-13/adult games like Cards Against Humanity to spice-up your game night. In addition to these dirtier games, there’s also a bunch of drinking games that you can play to liven up your date night. King’s Cup, and Ride the Bus are fun drinking games that involve cards and can be played with just two people.

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Video Games

Okay so most video games are one player games that can often leave one person feeling totally left out. How often are you wanting to hang out with your partner, but they’re tied up in some long video game with their friends online? Unfortunately, this can be a reality for many couples! A fun idea for your next date night could be finding a video game that you can both play together. Playing the video game together can allow you to have a good laugh, let loose, compete with each other and even problem solve together. Who knows, you may even discover your new favorite video game.

While there may not be many couple-specific video games on the market, there are plenty of two player games that you can try out for a date night activity. Games like Wii Sports Tennis/ping pong/boxing, Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, Minecraft and Super Smash bros are all two-player games that you can play with your partner! Whether you compete head to head, or are working on the same team, it can be fun to play video games with your partner, turning a solo activity into a fun game night! For whatever reason, my competitive streak really comes out when I play video games, more so than during any other type of game. If this is the case for you as well, it may be a good idea to invite some other couples or friends to help you diffuse the competitive atmosphere. With more than two people, you can sub out during a particularly bad losing streak, or create teams to make it a more communal competition.

Online Games

If the classic games we all know and love aren’t exciting enough for you, consider turning to the internet! Many people assume that most computer/online games are single player games, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of games posted online that are catered specifically to couples. In the time of corona, everyone is looking for new date night ideas. Lucky for us, people are sharing their creative ideas online.

Additionally, websites like, buzzfeed and other sites have online quizzes to help you discover your “couple personality” or to test if you could pass the U.S. Couples Immigration interview process. There are also SO many online games catered specifically towards couples, for whatever kind of game you’re interested in. Get online, explore your options, and find new ways to learn about your partner and your dynamic as a couple. Online games are also a great option for long distance couples to stay connected in a fun way. Facebook offers a lot of different games that you can challenge your partner to in a low-key, but fun way. There are also games like Ludo, 8 Ball Pool and UNO that are available online that you and your partner can play together to help you stay in touch.

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Phone Games

These days there are probably millions of apps on the app store. And whether you’re team Android or team Apple, you will be able to find some apps with specific games for couples. Apps like Happy Couple, have quizzes that you and your partner can take so that you get to know each other better. Other couples apps can help you choose a date night spot in your city if you’re out of new ideas or feeling indecisive. Make a game of choosing your date night spot! Phone games that are specifically made for couples can help you learn more about each other through the quizzes and different activities. Even if you have been together for a long time, being prompted to ask new and different questions can help you learn things about your partner that you never knew before!

In addition to couple-specific apps, games like HeadsUp (kind of like charades and Taboo) and Psych (trivia type app) are also great options for a date night. In these games you have to work together as a team, which can build your bond as a couple in a super competitive and fun way. You can also take phone games in a completely different direction by downloading things like Truth or Dare/Never have I ever/all those classic teenage sleepover/party games. These games are a fun and playful way to spend time with your partner during a date night turned game night.

Dinner Party Games

While it’s always fun to challenge your partner to some light-hearted competition, it can also be fun when you’re working together on the same team. Call up some couple friends and invite/challenge them to a dinner party full of fun couples games. Play quiz games to see which duo knows their partner the best. Play games to see who can guess what their partner’s response was to specific questions. There are a bunch of really fun and classic dinner party games out there to try out. You can also get creative and try to adapt games from reality TV shows like Love Island or Bachelor Pad to your dinner party setting. You can even feel free to get creative and make up some games on your own. Make the party a competition where the top couple wins a prize, and see how the dynamics play out.

Dinner party games can be a light-hearted way to test how well you know your partner, and to learn things you’ve never asked before. If you’re not so into the competitive dinner party idea, you can try a different type of game like a muder mystery dinner party. There are plenty of sets online that you can work off of to create the story, assign the parts, and have a fun night full of costumes, acting and mystery. Murder mystery dinner parties can take a bit more planning, but they are super fun and rewarding for special occasions.

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Outside Games

Game night doesn’t have to take place indoors, there are plenty of outdoor games that you and your partner can play that will add some fun competition to your relationship, while getting you out of the house. A good old fashion scavenger hunt, for example, is a fun way to get out of the house and get to know your partner a bit more. While scavenger hunts may take a bit more planning, they can be a fun and romantic game for date night. You can have clues about your first date spot, your first kiss, your first time meeting the friends... get creative with your clues and make an afternoon out of it! If scavenger hunts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other games you can do together as a couple while you’re outside. You can probably find some version of Giant jenga, corn hole and other games on the patio of your local bar, or you can even try your hand at making these games yourself if you’re the handy type! Outside games are a fun way to let loose and get out of the house.

Movie Games

Okay who remembers the Disney game called Scene It? This was one of my absolute favorites growing up. For those of you that never played, it’s a DVD trivia game based on Disney movies where clips are played or screen grabs are shown and you have to guess the movie, character or song. It’s super fun and interactive and it’s a great way to remember all of your favorite Disney movies. In this day and age I know that not everyone has a DVD player, and I also get that not everyone is down for a disney themed game night with their partner, but Scene It provides a great blue print for a creative date night! Playing general movie trivia can be fun, and you can even find movie specific trivia games online that will make your movie watching experience more interactive and competitive.

In addition to trivia, there are also movie-specific drinking games that can be fun to try out for movies like Harry Potter, Zoolander, Scream and movies in most other genres as well. If you’re more intrigued by the drama involved in murder mystery games, you could also turn watching your favorite movie into sort of a game by dressing up as characters and creating themed food and drinks. Like the murder mystery games, this can take a bit more planning, but is a fun way to interact with and experience your favorite film as a couple.

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