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10 Summer Style Tips for Your First Date Night Out

Finally, date nights are back! After more than a year of virtual dating, or even putting dating off until things went back to “normal,” it’s time to get back out there and meet new people face-to-face again.

With this return, you may find that you are not only nervous to interact with new people, but that you don’t know what you should wear. After a year of wearing loungewear, at least from the waist-down, finding an article of clothing in your closet without an elastic waistband might take a little extra time.

If you’re unsure how to dress for your next date, we’ve got you covered. Try out a few of the tips below to look and feel your best on your next night out!

date tip: dress comfortibly

1. Dress Comfortably

When it comes to getting back out in the dating scene, feeling your most comfortable is key to making worthwhile connections as your most authentic self. Especially if you are meeting someone new for the first time, you may feel the need to dress up in something fancy or out of the ordinary. Resist the temptation to dress over the top, and instead, opt for something easy to wear and true to yourself.

From your undergarments, to outfit, to footwear, comfort should be the main factor when picking out your outfit. Before putting on your clothes, begin with comfortable cotton underwear as the foundation of your look. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by how uncomfortable your undergarments are while you’re trying to focus on getting to know your date.

From there, wearing a stylish dress, or your favorite pair of well-fitting jeans will help you feel at-ease and engaged throughout the date, instead of desperately wanting to go home and change into something more enjoyable.

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2. Keep It Simple

Picking out the perfect outfit for your date might feel impossible, but when it comes to making a great first impression, wearing a simple outfit will help you do just that. Comfort and simplicity go hand in hand, so if you’re looking for an outfit idea, try working with some of your favorite basic pieces.

An outfit made up of jeans and a sleek and stylish top will usually do the trick for just about any first date. Or, you could make it even easier on yourself by wearing a light-weight summer dress. When it comes to looking your best for a date in the summertime, utilizing a few of your staple pieces will help you put together a polished look, that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

3. Dress According To Planned Activities

The activities you’re planning to do with your date are a great starting point for putting together an outfit. Before you get ready for your date, make sure you know what you will be doing for that duration of time.

If you’re going on a romantic walk down the beach, you’ll want to leave the heels and dress at home. Try wearing something casual and cool so you don’t work up a sweat. If you’re grabbing drinks, a casual summer dress, or your favorite sleeveless top and jeans can give you that fun and flirty look.

Make sure that no matter where you and your potential match are going, you will not only be comfortable and able to keep up with the activity, but that you’ll be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

date tip: flaunt your summer style

4. Flaunt Your Personal Style

A first date—or even the first few dates for that matter—is the best time to show off your own personal style. Expressing yourself through clothing is a great way for your new companion to get to know you on a subconscious level.

Whether you prefer to wear something bright and splashy, or very sleek and understated, the way you present yourself will communicate a lot about who you are to the other person. Take this opportunity to display your true self through your clothing choices.

5. Wear A Tried And True Outfit

When meeting someone new for the first time, avoid wearing a brand new outfit. Not only are you not presenting your most authentic self, but you may run into some unexpected wardrobe issues during the date.

When putting together your look for the occasion, go with an outfit that you know you love and have worn a few times before. Knowing how you will feel in the clothing for an extended period of time is important in ensuring you feel at-ease throughout the date. Not only this, but by wearing one of your favorite outfits for the occasion, you’re sure to feel more confident knowing you look good.

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date tip: look flirtatious

6. Look Flirtatious

Don’t be afraid to look a little extra flirtatious when putting together your date look! Showing off your neckline, chest, or shoulders are subtle ways to show some skin without revealing too much. This can be an effortless way to subtly make your date find you even more attractive when you meet in person.

If you prefer to stay covered up, wearing your hair up is another option for looking a little more flirty. Don’t be afraid to show off your face and neck, and maybe even spice things up with some earrings to draw attention to that area.

7. Keep Hair and Makeup Simple

Keeping your hair and makeup natural looking is a must when looking to make a great first impression. Wearing too much makeup, or makeup that is much heavier than you would normally wear not only masks your face, but can give off an inauthentic impression. Going for a hairstyle that is completely unlike how you would normally wear your hair also conceals your true physical identity, and may give your date an incorrect impression of you.

Stick with a light makeup look that enhances your natural features without completely erasing them. The same goes for your hair. Rather than going over the top with curling or straightening your natural hair texture, try wearing your hair as you would on any normal day. Presenting yourself in an authentic way will ensure that your connection with your date starts off on the right foot.

8. Wear Clothes That Fit

Making sure your clothes fit you properly is often overlooked when it comes to dressing comfortably. Keep in mind that while you do want to feel at ease on your date, wearing clothes that are far too oversized or simply the wrong size for your figure won’t work in your favor.

You want to be able to show off the best features of your body when going on a date, and wearing clothes that either hide or squeeze your figure will counteract this goal. Be sure to pick out pieces that fit you well and highlight your best features. This will allow you to feel more confident in flaunting what you’ve got!

date tip: sensible shoes

9. Wear Sensible Shoes

Deciding which shoes to wear on a date is arguably the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to how well you will enjoy the occasion. Uncomfortable shoes have the power to ruin your whole outing if you aren’t wearing the appropriate footwear.

High heels are one of the trickiest shoes to make work for a date. It’s best to avoid super high heels, and instead, reach for a lower pair of comfortable pumps that you’ve worn many times and know you can get around in easily.

If the date is more casual and you can wear flats or sneakers, seize the opportunity! The less distractions related to your wardrobe you can manage, the better. This way you’ll be able to actively focus on listening to your date while also letting your personality shine through!

10. Limit Your Accessories

As you put the finishing touches on your outfit before you head out the door, keep the accessories to a minimum. For example, if you don’t wear a lot of jewelry on any given day, stacking on necklaces and rings may make you feel distracted or uncomfortable.

Keep the accessories to a minimum with a few delicate pieces to bring your look together. Remember, if you wouldn’t wear these pieces on a normal occasion, there’s no need to do some on a first date.

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