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7 Tips for Perfecting the Sensual Neck Kiss

If there’s a current song to describe the neck kiss, it’s probably Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers.” Don’t you get them just thinking about a caressing kiss on the neck? There’s something extra pleasurable about it!

What is a Neck Kiss?

The neck kiss is exactly what it sounds like — a kiss on the neck. It’s considered a kiss of passion, and shows that you’re really into the lucky person who receives it. Neck kisses are usually around the nape of the neck or right where the shoulders meet the neck. Honestly, anywhere on the neck feels amazing!

Just take it from the ladies — 96 percent of women love being kissed on the neck! Aside from the mouth, it’s a woman’s favorite spot to be kissed. As for men? Only 10 percent prefer the neck, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try! (Who knows, you may change their mind!)

So what makes the neck kiss so amazing? The biggest reason — it’s sexy! When someone starts a hot makeout sesh by kissing your neck, it gets things tingling in all the right places. It gets you worked up and wanting more.

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The neck is also a super sensitive area. The nape of the neck is packed with nerve endings, so even the slightest touch can drive you wild. It builds the anticipation for what’s to come next. If you’re the one giving the neck kiss, it can also be a turn-on to see how your partner reacts to it. (Usually a little heavy breathing!) You’re teasing them in the best way possible.

That said, the neck kiss doesn’t always have to be passionate or lustful. It’s also considered a romantic gesture for those in long-term relationships. For example, when you get home from work, surprising your partner with a sweet kiss on the side of their neck from behind is the perfect way to say hi.

So, how do you execute the perfect neck kiss? We have 7 tips to ensure it gets both you and partner in the mood for whatever comes next (wink):

1. Start Low

Start just above the shoulder, and kiss gently, making your way up to the nape of the neck. You can even start with softly blowing on the neck, which is guaranteed to give them chills and get their heart racing.

2. Go Slow

Slow and steady is the name of the game! There’s no need to go at it like a horny teenager. Go at a snail-like pace, giving gentle, small kisses as your lips slowly move up to the nape of their neck. The slower you go, the crazier it will drive them!

3. Be Gentle

The goal is not to leave a hickey, but to get them revved up and ready for more. Be as gentle as possible! Since the neck is so sensitive, you can easily hurt them if you bite too hard. A little nibble here and there is perfect, but don’t gnaw like a vampire.

4. Keep Those Lips Hydrated

You don’t want your kisses to feel like sandpaper, right? Lick those lips! You wouldn’t want to kiss someone on the lips that desperately needs chapstick, and the same goes for the neck.

5. Use Some Tongue

To really get things heated up, alternate between gentle kisses, tiny nibbles, and a little bit of tongue. To really get a reaction, gently blow on the spots where your tongue has been. The coolness on their skin is enough to make them weak at the knees!

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6. Switch Up the Position

One of the best things about the neck kiss is you can do it from almost any position. Stand behind them and kiss the side of their neck, or have them lay on their back as you start your make out sesh on top with some gentle neck kisses.

7. Use it During Intercourse

Since the neck kiss can be used in nearly every position, it’s the perfect way to kick things up a notch during sex! Whether it’s missionary or from behind, you can sneak in a few sensual neck kisses to bring your love-making to a whole new level.

The neck kiss is popular for a reason! The sensitive areas along the neck create a thrilling experience, making it the perfect way to get both of you in the mood. Whether you choose soft kisses, gentle nibbles, or a little tongue, it’s bound to get both you and your partner turned on and ready for some sexy action.

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