Sensual Sex: Tips for Using All Your Senses in the Bedroom

When it comes to sex, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own desires and preferences. And while this is always true, there are certain things that can make sex more exciting and pleasureable for everyone involved. Sensual sex is sex that is focused on sex that takes into consideration all five senses. People tend to think of sex in terms of touch, and forget that all five sense can and SHOULD be involved when you are having sex with someone. Sensual sex is more than just steamy sex or intimate sex (though it does take elements from both) which can mean different things to different people, it’s about involving as much sensory stimulation as possible so that all of your senses are engages and fulfilled through sex. As fun as it is to have a quickie with your partner, or sloppy sex on the fly when you both just really need to bang one out, it is also fun to take things slowly every once in a while and really set the mood for your sex. Focusing on the mood and all of the senses with sensual sex can actually bring you and your partner closer together. Whether you are just starting to have sex as a couple or whether you have been at it for years, taking some time to slow down, plan and really focus on sensuality can teach you more about your partner’s preferences and what turns each of their senses on. Here are some tips sensual tips for each of the five senses:


Touch is probably the first sense that comes to mind when you think about sex, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be further explored! Touch is an excellent element that you can focus on during foreplay. Think of all of the different components that are related to our sense of touch. There’s the actual feel of something whether it’s rough, smooth, there’s temperature, there’s pressure... All of these things can be explored through sensual sex. Lots of couples find that incorporating things like feathers and ice cubes can heighten their sense of touch and improve foreplay and sex with a partner. If you and your partner are comfortable using sex toys, vibration can also add an exciting element of touch to your sex life. During sex, touch can also be related to restraints such as handcuffs or bondage. Like we mentioned before, everyone has different preferences and is open to different things. Talk to your partner before trying out anything new in the bedroom and make sure that they are on the same page. There are very fun avenues to explore when it comes to touch and sensuality, but it is imperative that both partners are excited and into this kind of exploration!

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Taste is another super important sense during sex. It’s always a great idea to brush your teeth before having sex with your partner (though most people really don’t mind the taste of morning breath), because doing this helps create a pleasant taste while you are kissing and during foreplay. Your sense of taste can also be incorporated in other ways during sex by using flavored lube, flavored condoms and even food (if you are okay with getting a little messy). There are plenty of creative ways to engage your sense of taste when you are having sensual sex.


Sight is another super important consideration when it comes to sensual sex. Think of all the different ways that you can set the mood for your night using sight. It’s important to be able to see your partner while you have sex, so think of ways that you can use light in a fun way to accomplish this. Candles might seem a little cliché, but they are actually a great way to involve your sense of sight into your sex. If you don’t like the candle idea, consider how a mood light or lamp could help make things extra sensual. Most people don’t like to have sex with the overhead light on, which can often lead to sex in complete darkness, which is also not the most sensual. Investing in some candles or a dim lamp can really help you involve your sense of sight and pay your partner more attention during sex. The sense of sight can also be related to voyeurism, which is about watching or being watched during sex. If you or your partner are attracted to this idea, consider how you can incorporate this into your sex life. Watching porn or adult movies together can be a good way to engage your sense of sight. Other couples enjoy watching their partner’s touch themselves as a form of foreplay. There are plenty of ways that you and your partner can get creative with the sense of sight when you are considering sensual sex.

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Aside from bed squeaking and moaning, there are other ways that you and your partner can include sound in your sex life for a more sensual experience. Making a sex playlist with songs that get you going is a great way to incorporate your hearing into your sex life. Playing music can not only set the mood, but it can also give you a little more freedom to make sound if you are self conscious about roommates or neighbors overhearing. Another thing to explore is talking during sex. Whether it’s dirty talk, instructing your partner on what feels good, or whispering sweet nothings into your partner’s ear, talking during sex engages your sense of hearing and can make it an overall more sensual experience.


Smell might be the last thing you think about when you want to have sex with you partner, but it’s important to consider how smell can affect the mood while you are having sex. Lighting candles, burning incense or palosanto and using a diffuser can help you create a sensual environment before and during sex. Filling your space with these smells will heighten your sense of smell and can even heighten your overall sensitivity, making sex more exciting and enjoyable. While it’s not necessary to shower or wear perfume or cologne every time you have sex, it can add an extra element of sensuality every once in a while. In addition to making your space smell good, it’s also fun to make yourself smell good. Try wearing your partner’s favorite scent and see how it changes your dynamic in the bedroom.

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