Marriage Apps and More! How Modern Marriages Are Going High Tech

With the rise of smartphones, the convenience of the app has taken over and now we have access to unlimited resources at our fingertips. A lot of things that used to require in person meetings, a trip to the library or a significant amount of time are now super easy to accomplish through an app on your phone.While there are many time sucks out in the app world (I’m talking about you, FlappyBird), there are also some super worthwhile apps that can help you improve different aspects of your life. And more and more recently, there are now apps that are specifically focused on helping you improve your relationship.

Having money management problems in your marriage? There’s an app for that! Having a hard time staying on top of your fitness as a couple? There’s an app for that! Is your mental health taking a hit from being stuck inside all the time during this pandemic? Is being with your partner 24/7 making it extra difficult? There’s an app for that, too! Modern marriages are taking advantage of all that technology has to offer and relying on apps that help manage calendars, finances, fitness and mental health.

Here are a few practical apps that you and your partner can use to cultivate a healthier and happier relationship:


Do you ever have a hard time remembering your schedule? What about your partner’s schedule? What about trying to plan something when both you and your partner are free? It can be so hard to keep track of your own schedule, let alone someone else's schedule too. It can be really tricky to keep track of all these moving parts on your own, which is why apps like Raft exist. Raft is a scheduling app that also kind of works as a social media platform. You and your partner can upload activities and appointments to your personal calendar and share your calendars with one another so that you are in the loop about each other’s happenings.

Rafft also lets you comment on your partner’s activities and pencil in fun things for the future. The app has a countdown feature that keeps track of when your next fun thing is planned. Raft is not just for couples, you can sync up your calendars with parents, friends or even your kids to make sure that you are up to date on what’s going on. Raft is great because it keeps you in the loop, and helps you find time for date night or for a fun vacation. Modern marriages have more going on than ever before with the fast paced nature of this technology era. Using Raft can help you stay on top of your schedule and your partner’s schedule so that you can maximize your free time and the time that you have together.

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Merge is a task manager app that can help you and your partner divide up household chores and errands in an equitable way. The app allows you to make a list of all the things that need to be done (think grocery shopping, sweeping, laundry) and divide up the tasks. An equitable division of labor will look different for every couple, depending on work loads and other life responsibilities, but listing out exactly what needs to be done can help you intentionally divide up household labor as a couple.

Equitably dividing household labor is a super important part of every relationship (I mean no one wants to be doing ALL the chores). Even if you aren’t doing equal amounts of labor, listing everything out will atleast give you an appreciation of what the other person is doing. The app also allows you to check things off of the list so that you can keep up with how all the chores are coming along. It can be super easy to forget about the little household things in the business of everyday life, so use Merge to help you stay on track.


If you and your partner are having a hard time staying on top of your finances, HoneyDue is the app for you! HoneyDue is a finance app that you can use to balance your budget and manage your bills as a team. With HoneyDue, you and your partner create seperate accounts, but can make certain things visible to one another. Having your personal account helps you maintain autonomy over your finances and also creates personal accountability for your spending, which is important. The app’s profile linking feature can keep your partner in the loop on bill payments and other important couple related finances.

One of the best parts about HoneyDue, is the messaging feature in the app. It can be really hard and even awkward to bring up finance with your partner, especially if money is tight. The messaging part of the HoneyDue app lets you and your partner discuss your finances in the app, rather than at the dinner table, which can make the conversations much less stressful. Staying on top of your finances is a crucial part of any relationship, use a finance app like HoneyDue to make things easier!

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Another great finance app to consider is Mint. Mint links up to your bank account and credit cards then keeps track of your spending, and provides monthly reports that break down your spending habits. Initially, it can be super alarming to find out exactly how much money you spend eating at restaurants every month... but in the long term it’s better to be aware of your spending so that you can cut things out if need be. Mint also notes all the monthly subscription services that you pay for, which is a really helpful tool.

This can also be a little alarming, you may for example find out that you have been paying for TWO Amazon Prime accounts... but, again, better to know exactly where your money is going so that you are more aware of your spending and can adjust your habits. Unlike HoneyDue, Mint does not have a feature that lets you keep track of your partners spending and whatnot, but Mint is definitely still a great app to use to help you manage your finances. You and your partner can both make accounts, and stay personally accountable for your finances with Mint.


Relish is an app that is actually specifically made for relationships! Relish is a relationship coaching app that you and your partner can use to achieve your relationship goals. Both you and your partner make accounts and then link up on the app with the help of a virtual relationship coach that helps you evaluate your relationship, set goals and then work to achieve those goals. The relationship coaching is super tailored to your specific relationship and uses quizzes and your personal responses to help make the best plan for you and your partner. It can be really easy to take your relationship for granted, so the app includes relationship mindfulness exercises to make sure that you are staying grounded and grateful in your relationship.

Using the app also gives you access to great articles and other forms of content that can keep you up to date on the best relationship tips and tricks in the game. Relish is a great app to invest in even if you aren’t having any relationship problems. The app is focused on improving communication and building stronger bonds between partners, no matter what shape your relationship is in when you start using the app.

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Kindu is an app that’s focused on empowering couples to explore intimacy in new ways. Kindu allows you to message with your partner and openly communicate about desires that you may be embarrassed to discuss otherwise. The app provides different ideas for ways to maintain intimacy or spice up your sex life with daily decks and ideas shared by other app users like “designate one night a week to lingerie”. You are able to explore different ideas by expressing your interest levels as “I like this idea”, “I’m open to this idea” or “not even on your birthday” allowing you to communicate your level of comfort with different activities so that you and your partner are on the same page and totally comfortable about whatever it is that you are trying.

In relationships, intimacy can often fall to the wayside or start to become stale after a bit. Using apps like Kindu can help you keep things interesting with fresh new ideas in a safe and playful space.

Apple Health

The Apple Health app is a great way to stay on top of your fitness both personally, and as a couple. The Apple Health app consolidates health data from your phone (like step count) and any other health and fitness app that you have downloaded such as calorie trackers and other fitness apps. The app also collects data from Apple Watches (if you have one of those) so that you can see your heart rate and the amount of calories you burned during your workouts. The Apple Health app consolidates all your health information in one place, so that you can keep track of your health and stay on track with your health goals.

Though the app just keeps track of your individual health information, if you and your partner have Apple Watches, you can keep track of each other’s fitness achievements by friending them through the watch. The watch will update you when they complete a workout, and can allow you to congratulate them on a job well done. Through the watch you can also challenge your partner (or a friend) to a week long challenge. Challenges are a fun way to keep each other on track to achieving your health goals. Using this app (even without the watch) can help you stay accountable to yourself for your health and fitness goals, and you can encourage your partner to do the same.

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Another great health app is MyFitnessPal. This app allows you to set goals to either lose, maintain or gain weight over a certain period of time. The app helps you track your workouts, water intake and calorie intake so that you stay on track with your goals. This app can also connect to any kind of smart watch (like Apple Watches and FitBits) to accurately track your health data. The app also breaks down your calorie intake so that you can make sure that you are getting the right amount of macronutrients like carbs, fats and protein no matter what your weight goals are.

MyFitnessPal is also fun because there is a social feature that can allow you to keep up with your partner. The social feature doesn’t share things like weight or your exercises, it just updates people when you meet your eating goals for the day or finish a hard workout. Sometimes it can be super hard to stay accountable for your fitness, the social feature of this app can help and encourage you to stay on track to achieve your fitness goals. You and your partner can use this app together to maintain (or even start) a healthy lifestyle together!


In addition to maintaining your physical health, it’s also super important to maintain your mental health when you’re in a relationship. Headspace is a mindfulness app that can help you maintain your mental health through daily mindfulness activities. Headspace aims to help you reduce your stress, improve your sleep, and feel more grounded throughout the day with guided meditation sessions that you can listen to in the morning, as you cook, as your exercise and as you’re trying to fall asleep.

The app doesn’t have any kind of social function, but who said you have to meditate alone? You and your partner can enjoy the different meditation offerings together and learn to be more mindful and more grounded in your life and in your relationship.

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