3 Topics You May Be Uncomfortable Discussing With Your Partner In Bed

Okay, so we’ve all had those times where an awkward noise escapes during sex or you realize your o-face isn’t as sexy as you once believed. The majority of us have done or experienced some sort of embarrassment in the bedroom that we think about for the rest of our lives. And that’s okay! Sex isn’t going to be perfect, but as long as it’s enjoyable, who cares?

While certain slip-ups are cause for embarrassment when having sex, some aren’t. Making sure you’re properly communicating to your romantic partner your thoughts and feelings can be extremely difficult at times. However, it’s a necessity.

Here are some sex-related topics you may have a hard time discussing with your partner and how to deal with them.

#1- Fantasies

Discussing your fantasies with your partner may seem like one of the intimidating things you’ve had to do in a while, especially if you’ve never voiced them out loud before. However, communicating to your significant other some ways you’d like to experiment in bed may go better than you’d expect. They may share your fantasies or they don’t mind trying something new. Revealing your sexual fantasies is not only good because it can improve things in bed, but it also increases communication between you and your partner.

Tip: When you’re ready, set your partner down and tell them some things that you’d like to try in bed. Try voicing your wants before having sex, so you both can have a clear mind. While talking to your romantic partner, also see if they have anything that they’d like to try. That way you can both learn what the other likes, and go from there.

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#2- Comfortability

That being said, when trying new things or even doing things you’ve done before, let your significant other know if something doesn’t feel right. Pain should not be a common occurrence when being intimate with someone and you shouldn’t have to get used to pain to preserve the “sexiness” of the moment. What’s sexy is being able to thoroughly enjoy pleasure and intimacy without feeling uncomfortable.

Tip: If you do feel pain during sex, tell your partner and switch things up until you find what works. If those adjustments don’t make a difference, go to a trusted medical professional for help. They will be able to see if you’d need to incorporate something as simple as lube into your routine or if you have an underlying medical issue that needs to be treated.


Every now and then, men and women may experience a time where they just cannot perform in bed and there are tons of reasons why this can occur. Substances like alcohol or tobacco can lead to erectile dysfunction and even common issues like stress, fatigue, anxiety, or depression can affect libido. Due to the array of things that can affect your sex life, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable telling your partner if it’s not the best time to have sexual intercourse.

Tip: Tell your significant other that you aren’t feeling up to sex and give yourself time to properly get in the mood. To help some matters in bed, men could try using Viagra pills to maintain an erection, whereas women could use lube for things like vaginal dryness. In some cases, you may just need more foreplay or an adult movie to get you ready.

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