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32 Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? You’re not alone! In 2021 alone, Americans spent close to $22 billion on gifts for Valentine’s Day. Crazy, right? We can only imagine how much of that was spent on chocolates and flowers — but we’re guessing it was a lot.

While the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are great, there are plenty of other outside-the-box ideas to consider. Whether you’re planning on splurging or keeping it simple, we have a gift idea to fit.

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Here are 32 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your love day unforgettable:

1. Wine Subscription

There are plenty of wine club memberships out there, and if you and your significant other consider yourselves “wine connoisseurs,” it’s the perfect gift! Surprise them with a wine subscription and pick out your first order together.

2. Spa Membership

Does your S.O. love massages? Facials? Mani-pedis? Instead of treating them to a single visit, splurge for the whole membership! It’s a great gift for them to relax and take some “me-time” whenever they need it.

3. Personalized Photo Album

If you check out websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish, you’ll find so many incredible options to design your own personalized photo album. Choose your favorite photos of you and your S.O. and compile them in a photobook with custom text and designs.

4. Cheese Box Subscription

If your partner is a charcuterie board master, how about a cheese of the month club membership? Of course, it’s also a great gift for people who just…love cheese. (And who doesn’t?)

5. Massage Gun

A therapeutic massage gun works wonders. Maybe your S.O. is a fi or just needs some deep tissue treatment. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the Theragun Elite massage gun (from Therabody).

6. New Pajamas

If your S.O. lives in sweats and t-shirts for bedtime, how about some new soft, silky pajamas? It’s probably not something they would splurge on for themselves, so you can do it for them!

7. Family Illustration Portrait

If you search through the Etsy website, you’ll find some amazing options for custom family portrait illustrations and prints. It’s a unique gift that they’ll want to hang up right away!

8. Matching Undies

Cheesy? Maybe. But it is Valentine’s Day, so why not?

9. Homecooked Dinner

Set the mood with candles, dim lighting, and music, and prepare your partner’s favorite dinner. It’s simple, thoughtful, and perfect if you’re trying to keep it low-key. (Yet still romantic.)

10. Electronic Love Note

The Uncommon Goods website offers an adorable electronic love note box that’s guaranteed to make anyone’s day. Download the app and send sweet messages that are displayed on the digital box - and the little heart on the front spins until you open it!

This is perfect for any couple, but especially those in long-distance relationships.

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11. Glass Rose

Think of the rose from Beauty and the Beast - but in real life! Search online for an enchanted rose that any Disney-lover will go crazy over.

12. Engraved Jewelry

Websites like Etsy offer different options for engraved jewelry for both men and women. Get a necklace with initials, bracelets with the names of your kiddos, or a watch with a sweet inscription.

13. Date Night Bucket List

You can actually buy a scratch-off date idea poster! Plan a weekly or monthly date night and try to get through them all.

14. Astrology Book

If you have an astrology lover on your hands, you can order a personalized horoscope book from Etsy. You’ll need to know their exact birth date, time, and place - but try to be sneaky about it!

15. Sentimental Book

There are plenty of little books on the market that you can personalize yourself. For example, you can purchase a “What I Love About You” book from Amazon and complete the sweet prompts on each page.

16. Charging Station

Is there a mountain of phone, tablet, and laptop chargers on your kitchen table? A charging station or wireless charging pad makes a thoughtful yet practical choice for Valentine’s Day.

17. Framed Photo

Choose one of your favorite photos and have it professionally framed or printed on canvas. Simple but sweet!

18. Throw Blanket

The best gift for someone who’s always cold! Find the biggest, softest throw blanket you can find and spend plenty of time cuddling together in it.

19. Flower Delivery

Sure, flowers are the “typical” Valentine’s Day present, but they’re still romantic! Have flowers delivered to your S.O.’s home or work - they’ll be the envy of everyone around them. (Points for you!)

20. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Yep, you can buy a heart-shaped waffle maker for the breakfast lover in your life! A regular one works too, but isn’t a heart-shaped waffle way more fun?

21. Coffee Mug

Calling all coffee lovers! Design a personalized mug or find one with a funny photo or message. They’ll smile during every cup of morning coffee!

22. Beard Care Accessories

Got a bearded S.O.? A beard trimmer, beard balm, or a whole beard care kit can help them keep it soft, groomed, and kissable.

23. Meaningful Photo Print

Etsy has an array of personalized photo prints that may just bring a tear (or two) this Valentine’s Day. For example, you can find one that displays the date for the day you met (“The First Day”), the day you got engaged (“The Yes Day”), and the day you got married (“The Best Day”). How sweet is that?

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24. Customized Keychain

You can put any loving message on a keychain, but one of our favorites we found on Etsy is, “Please be safe, I need you here with me.” (sniff)

25. Meat Delivery

If you’re in love with a foodie who is all about meat, a delivery service or subscription is a great option! You can choose quality steaks, beef, pork, and more. You’ll have a gourmet meal at home whenever you want!

26. Slippers

No more cold feet! Along with the throw blanket, this is another great option for your chilly S.O. Find the softest, warmest ones possible - they’ll never want to take them off.

27. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail glasses are perfect for someone who loves sipping spirits like bourbon and whiskey. Find some with cool designs, or have them customized with initials.

28. Lingerie Subscription

If your partner is constantly spending too much at Victoria's Secret, try a lingerie subscription service!

29. Staycation

If a full-on vacation just isn’t in the cards (or budget), plan a staycation for you and your honey! Choose a location you haven’t been able to explore much and book a hotel.

Make dinner reservations at the best spot nearby, go on your own little bar crawl, and end the night with a little fun in the hotel king bed. (Sex is always more fun in a hotel, right?)

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31. Signature Cologne or Perfume

A little smell-good spray is always a good idea! Maybe your S.O. has a favorite scent, or you can choose one that reminds you of them.

32. A Comfy Robe

There’s something magical about sitting in a cozy robe by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Give them that gift this Valentine’s Day!

Whether you decide to splurge or keep it simple, remember that the true intent of Valentine’s Day is to let someone know how much you care for them! As long as your Valentine’s Day gift is from the heart, you can’t go wrong.

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